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What Homeowners Can Do to Stop Artificial Grass from Melting

The use of artificial turf in stadiums, buildings and residences have become more prevalent in recent years. Despite reports of artificial grass melting, many homeowners still choose it over natural grass. It appears that the benefits – no need for mowing or watering, no mud, can be used in all types of weather – far outweighs the concerns.

Why Artificial Grass Melts

Does artificial grass melt? A lot of people seem surprised by the question, but what they have to understand is that artificial grass is made from polyethylene and other plastics. When sunlight is reflected off a window or other reflective surface, the heat becomes concentrated and more intense. If this light hits a material like artificial grass, it will cause its temperature to rise. If the temperature goes beyond the melting point of artificial grass, it will start to shrink, shrivel and it will eventually melt. This is known to happen when sunlight is reflected off doors, mirrors, polished gutters, reflective panels, and windows. 

Synthetic grass can also melt when direct heat is applied to it, like the embers of a barbecue or a cigarette butt.

How to Stop Turf from Melting

Even though a synthetic lawn is sturdier and requires minimal maintenance, homeowners still have to take steps to prevent artificial grass from melting.

If it's possible, owners should put window covers on all the windows, particularly if they're Low-E or energy efficient windows. A good window film like Turf Guard Window Film would be ideal in this case.

Window treatments like awnings, shutters and solar shades can also be used to minimize glare. It's also a good idea to apply non-reflective paint on surfaces like drainpipes and gutters.

It's a bigger challenge if the sun's reflection is coming from another house or building. One option would be to talk to the owner about the situation. Another would be to find an alternative for the affected area. For instance, put a soil area with plants, a small pond or a pebble patch where the light hits. This way, you can still enjoy your synthetic lawn without having to deal with artificial grass melting.

Turf Guard Window Film is the best window cover to use. This premiere window film can drastically reduce window glare and prevent artificial grass from melting. Turf Guard also offers homeowners several choices of window film. Just head on to its website to learn more.

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