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What Is Turf Guard Window Film and Why You Need It

Planting and caring for natural grass at home can take a lot of your time and effort. Natural grass maintenance, especially during the hot summer season, is also expensive when the grass is often dry and dehydrated and needs watering once in a while.

It is also the reason why the use of artificial grass at home is becoming a more popular option for homeowners. Artificial turf lawn requires little to no maintenance, and you can enjoy a rich and green lawn all throughout the year.

However, having an artificial turf lawn doesn’t come without any issues. One of the common problems of having artificial grass at home is its sudden melting due to the window reflection. If discoloration and melted brown spots suddenly appear in your lawn, this is a sign that you need to do something to protect and preserve your beautiful turf lawn.

What Is Turf Guard Window Film?

There are a lot of ways to prevent the harmful effects of window reflection on your synthetic turf. You can directly eliminate the window reflection by covering your windows with blinds or screens. However, while these things can be effective, they also disrupt your view from the windows. It also prevents any illumination from entering your house.

The best way for you to make your windows efficient while also protecting your turf is by using some turf guard window film. This is a type of window film that has no reflective surface and will therefore not cause any harm to your artificial grass. It can also protect your interior and your turf from the harmful effects of the UV radiation from the sun.

Benefits of Using Turf Guard Window Film

There are a lot of reasons why using turf guard window film is an excellent idea. Turf guard window film is better for your artificial lawn because:

  • It can protect your house from glare and heat

Just like any window film, turf guard window film is effective as protection against the glare and heat of the sun while still allowing enough light to enter your home. It also adds a level of privacy to your house.

  • It won’t cause your vinyl siding to melt

The turf guard window film has no reflective surface that can eventually damage your vinyl siding.

  • It won’t melt your artificial grass

Turf guard window films can reduce the glare from your windows that cause harm and can melt your artificial grass lawn.

Turf guard window films are more effective than window covers since it doesn’t disrupt the view or the illumination from the outside. If you wish to invest in turf guard films, visit the Window Film for Turf website for more information.

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