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What Makes the Window Perf a Better Solution for Synthetic Grass?

We often think that window perf and window films are the same. They both save energy costs and protect our furniture from fading. However, window perf has a better edge than conventional window films, and that is synthetic grass protection. In this post, we will discuss what a window perf is. We will also tell you why it is a better choice when it comes to taking care of your lawn.

What Is a Window Perf?

A window perf, or perforated window film, is a special window protection used by advertising companies. These are installed on the outer part of the glass window to protect the campaign ads, and to keep the poster in place.

Though it is intended for advertising purposes, this doesn’t mean that it’s the only thing it is used for. Perforated window films work like other home window films. They have UV protection to keep the condition of your furnishings. It also saves energy costs as it makes the room cooler, despite the hot weather. You no longer need to turn up the air conditioner to make everyone comfortable.

Lastly, it has anti-reflective properties, which reduce glare and absorb heat. You will be able to work in front of the window without putting any eye protection.

What Makes It an Ideal Solution for Artificial Grass?

Windows have reflective properties. Once the light hits the glass window, it causes the environment to increase temperature. This heat is transmitted to your synthetic grass, causing it to burn.

To ensure your artificial lawn is in good shape, you need to apply a window film to your glass window. However, using an ordinary film for your windows isn’t enough, even if it’s meant to be used at home. Regular window films may help you save power bills, but it won’t protect your synthetic grass.

This is why a perforated window film is a better option. As mentioned earlier, it has anti-reflective properties. This feature deflects off reflections and absorbs heat. Nonetheless, it doesn’t make the room warmer. In fact, it gives a cooling effect not only to your room but your artificial turf as well.

Hence, you no longer need to worry about turf damage, even if it’s hot. Still, you need to do some maintenance even if it works. You need to water the synthetic grass to stabilize the temperature. You also need to plant more trees to make the air cleaner and cooler. They also serve as protection from the intense heat coming from the sun.

In other words, don’t just rely on perforated window films if you want to avoid melting and burning. You need to do those tasks and avoid burning wood on the synthetic turf to keep its healthy appearance.

Perforated window films could be the best solution for fake turf melting. However, you still need to give your lawn proper care to preserve its beauty. With the right maintenance and window perf products, you will have a healthy-looking grass field all year.

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