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What to Do When Your Artificial Grass Melts Down

Artificial grass is made to withstand different weather patterns. Furthermore, it requires little maintenance. You don’t need to cut or mow the turf as it doesn’t grow. However, it does tend to melt. In this post, we will discuss the common causes why your lawn melts. We will also give you some tips to prevent this damage.

Why Is Your Fake Grass Melting?

There can be two reasons why your artificial grass is melting. The first reason is when heat is applied directly to the lawn. An example of this scenario is the fire pits. When you light up a fire on this ground, sparks fly out and land on your turf. The heat from the sparks will cause melting.

Another example is cigarette butts.  If its residue falls on the fake turf, this will also cause the grass to melt.

The second reason is window reflection. When the sunlight hits the Low-E glass windows, they magnify and intensify the sun’s rays. As a result, the temperature increases, causing the grass to melt.

How Will You Know if Your Grass Is Melting?

It’s easy to determine whether your artificial grass is thawing out. Below are the signs that you need to look for to know if your turf is starting to melt.

  • Discoloration – one of the visible signs your fake lawn is melting is discolorations. Some areas will either turn into brown or light green. This appearance will make your yard look unhealthy and ugly.
  • Scorching Hot – if the grass is too hot, chances are, the blades are starting to disintegrate.
  • Shrinking Lawn – A decreasing grass field is also an indication that your turf is melting. However, it’s quite difficult to notice, unless you take a closer look at it.

What to Do When the Grass Is Starting to Disintegrate?

If these indications exist, you need to stop the damage immediately. There are several ways to prevent your artificial grass from melting. One of the things that you can do is to water your turf. Keeping its surface wet will stop the lawn from thawing. The water cools down the temperature; thus, disturbing the melting process.

However, you need to moisten the entire area to stabilize the heat. Moreover, you need to sprinkle the lawn every 30 minutes or so as its effects only take about 5 to 20 minutes.

Fortunately, there’s a more permanent solution than watering the synthetic grass. You only need to plant trees in your garden. Trees absorb the excess water; therefore, preventing flooding. Furthermore, they produce oxygen and block sunlight. However, you have to wait for years before they can serve their purposes.

If you need an immediate solution that doesn’t cost much, then you should choose Turf Guard Window Film. It’s not an ordinary window tint as it’s more than just providing security. It has UV blockers and anti-reflective properties, which are essential for preventing your synthetic turf to melt. Hence, you will have a lush green lawn all year, despite the extreme heat.

If you want to get the best protection for your artificial grass, visit our website and place your order.

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