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What You Can and Cannot Do When Using Your Artificial Turf

Having an artificial turf opens a new world to you and your family when engaging in outdoor activities. All is safe and there are no worries about damage. It is designed to stand against intense activities.

Here is a list of do’s and don’ts of artificial grass.

Kids and pets love to play using the artificial lawn. However, there are also some things to keep in mind to ensure that they will have fun.          

When Playing

  • Do’s

-Make use of turn paint. This is to outline areas for playing.

-Always wear clothes. No need to remove your clothes because it does not cause soil or grass stain.

-Play carefully. Even if it is safe, still play with care.

  • Don’ts

-    Do not carry or wear sharp objects. This can cause injury to the person and to the lawn.

-    Do not push sharp materials into the synthetic turf.

-    Do not let any hot objects fall like charcoal or grilling equipment.

Cleaning is not an issue as well because it is easy to maintain. It may be a challenge during autumn, however, there is always a solution.  These do’s and don’ts could serve as your guide.


  • Do’s

-Do remove fallen leaves and dirt using non-evasive methods.

-Do brush regularly so to keep it in its best condition.

  • Don’ts

-Do not use sharp cleaning materials.

-Do not smoke near the synthetic grass.

-Do not place corrosive chemicals near your plastic grass.

Installation is important as it plays a vital role in the quality your artificial grass. Your first installation would greatly affect the lifecycle of your turf. It is highly advisable to ask an expert if it is your first time. But here are some friendly reminders when installing.


  • Do’s

-Do what you think you are confident with. If you have the proper training and skill, by all means, you can install the artificial turf on your own.

-Do order materials and invest in your lawn. It is better to have extras to make sure the installation is continuous.

  • Don’ts

-Do not utilize rotary cultivators. This will make the soil move and it becomes unsteady, thus resulting in a poor installation.

-Do not utilize pea gravels. This is not the ideal tool to act as a base of the artificial turf. The stones will just roll down while being compacted due to its texture.

These simple dos and don’ts should help your artificial turf survive for many years. This will also ensure that you, your family, pets, and anybody who will use the synthetic lawn will be safe and have fun as well.

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