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What Your Turf Product Warranty Should Cover and Consider

Get your best artificial grass fully maintained by availing a brand of turf that gives value for your money. If you do not want your investment on artificial turf to go to waste, make sure that the artificial grass you are purchasing comes with inclusions that are favorable to you as the user.

From seeking quotations, ordering, shipping, and installation, be wise in assessing if what you are paying for is worth its price and will cover the duration of your expected turf life. While the answer to the question “how long does turf last?” can vary, don’t forget to review every provision stated in the turf product warranty. It is through warranties that buyers can have the confidence to make a huge amount of the purchases that they make from a synthetic grass supplier.

The Third-Party and the Duration

It is normal for turf suppliers to offer the product with artificial grass warranty. What you need to asses is how reliable the warranty is, making sure that there is a third-party insurance that could cover all the expenses should problems arise, as there may be cases that you might be dealing with a fly-by-night supplier. Take note that turf warranties have a long-term duration. If this will happen, at least, the third-party insurance company will still be there to assist you even if the company is gone.

Getting a 10 to 15-year turf product warranty is good enough. A company offering this duration understands that it would take years from installation before the wrong installation of the turf and a short turf lifespan could be manifested by the wearing out or fading fast of your turf. Then, the buyer will need to avail the warranty by then. A warranty with a long duration will never be a buyer’s frustration.

Common Exclusions

Bear in mind that companies selling these carpeted grasses provide a turf product warranty that will also protect their business. Thus, there are quite a number of common limitations in a warranty, but most of these are due to the user’s negligence and beyond the supplier’s control.

This includes repair or replacement of portions caused by accidents, improper cleaning or maintenance methods, damage incurred from shipping and even availing another party’s turf maintenance services that lead to the wear and tear of the grass.

What Else to Look For

In closing turf product warranty deals with the supplier, make sure to keep a copy of the contract and all other proof of turf purchase. Review if all provisions in the documents are exactly what you agreed on with your supplier and most of all, ensure that these papers were duly signed by authorized personnel. Before you sign any document stating that the supplier has already fulfilled all requirements in the contract from shipping to installation, conduct a thorough inspection of the finished output, ensuring that the supplier has indeed satisfied all your requirements. Always remember that it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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