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When Window Reflection Killing Grass in Your Lawn

When you have green grass in your lawn, it helps to relax your mind. On the other hand, when you opt for an artificial turf, the contractors make sure that they have high quality and long-lasting products. Aside from the several benefits of grass, whether natural or artificial, it comes with some disadvantages. There are lawns that need some repairs and solutions because they have melted or burnt. You may not know it, but the cause may be a reflection killing grass.

Burning grass usually happens when its temperature goes beyond its melting point, eventually causing the grass to burn. Reflection killing grass is not the only culprit. The following are some factors that can ruin your lawn.

  • Reflective Panel. They usually have a huge surface area such as in outbuildings, sheds, doors, and many others. The light from the sun can reflect on these areas for long periods of time.
  • Polished Gutter. Your reflection killing grass many come from your shiny gutter. This is because dark colors and polished surfaces have a tendency to reflect light as they absorb heat.
  • A window reflection can easily reflect off sunlight for long hours every day, especially if it has a wide surface area.
  • Your grass is dead and the perpetrator is probably the glass reflection from your mirror
  • Direct Heat. Intense heat from barbecue embers or direct application of fire can easily kill your lawn.

Solutions to Burning Grass

When Window Reflection Killing Grass in Your Lawn

There are ways to repair the damage that your lawn suffers from sunlight, heat, or window glare. But remember that best solution is prevention. Make sure that you are doing some preventative measures so you can stop any problem from occurring.

Before you install your synthetic grass or have someone plant them, check your property and look for any of the potential risks. One way to prevent burning grass is to install sun control film on reflective surfaces. You may apply non-reflective paint to your gutters and panels. Most importantly, be wary of using low emissivity glass as it lessens the emission of heat and sunlight, thus damaging the grass.

If it is not possible to stop the light reflection on a specific area on your lawn, there are some alternative solutions that you can use. You can add a small tree or shrub to that spot. You may use pebbles or a small water fountain. Aside from this, you may also install a perforated window film like the Turf Guard Window Film.

While you are preventing your window reflection killing grass, you are also increasing the aesthetic quality of your lawn.

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