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When Window Reflection Killing Grass of Your Neighbors

Artificial grass is a good option when you do not want to use natural grass. Unlike natural grass, a synthetic one does not need high maintenance. In addition, you are saving water as it does not need water to survive. This may be the reason why your neighbors also opt to choose synthetic grass or turf. As a good neighbor, you should make sure that you are not damaging the property of your neighbors such as your window reflection killing grass.

Artificial grass is a great option when people have little time to maintain their lawn. But, as with anything else, it comes with some downsides. One major factor to consider is that they end up burning. If you have been receiving some complaints from your neighbors because of your window reflection killing grass, then you have a problem in your hands.

There are many factors that may cause grass to burn. From barbecue grills, fire, gutters, mirrors, and many other reflective surfaces. But, it could probably be from a window reflection. A window glare can quickly burn turf. Are you using screens or low emissivity glass on your windows to block the reflection of the sun?  These are some things that you should be aware of.

Factors that Contribute to Reflection Killing Grass

  • One indication that you are damaging the lawn of your neighbor is when you notice the reflection of the sun on their grass. Once the turf absorbs the reflection, it begins to burn or melt. Your window reflection killing grass is the culprit, especially if the reflection resembles a crescent moon.
  • To know if you have a reflection burning grass is to check your shadow. By standing in the exact spot where the reflection strikes, you can tell if your window is really responsible for the burning turf. A darker shadow does not burn grass, while a lighter one can melt your grass as well as your neighbors’ turf.
  • It is another sign of a window reflection killing grass. If you see that the grass of your neighbors has an uneven color, it usually means it is melting or burning.

If you want to know how to fix burnt grass, the first thing that you should avoid is that the turf will reach its melting point. One way to do this is to use thermal film for glass that is easy to install and affordable. This serves as a protective film so that the reflection from your window will not damage the property of your neighbor.

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