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Why Are Reflective Surfaces and Synthetic Grass Like Water and Oil?

In the past few years, the use of synthetic grass has become more prevalent. Aside from the obvious reasons, this turf has become relatively cheaper. Despite having those features and perks, it still has limitations. Thus, you need to take action before it happens or it gets serious.

Sunlight and Reflective Surfaces – The Natural Enemies of Turf

One of the common enemies of synthetic turf is the combination of sunlight and reflective exteriors. The latest synthetic grass blades are made of polyethylene materials. This yarn has a melting point of 175o-200oF.

When the sun hits the reflective surface, such as the gutter and windows, it focuses sunlight like a magnifying glass. Consequently, the temperature of the synthetic lawn will rise. If it exceeds the grass’ melting point, you could end up with a field that shrinks or disintegrates. In other words, it has melted.

Unfortunately, we cannot prevent the sunlight from reflecting off the surface. Moreover, manufacturers don’t cover melted synthetic grass if the cause is the sun reflection. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean you can do nothing.

How to Prevent Turf Damage Caused by Sun and Window Reflections

There are several ways to avoid artificial grass damage from reflective surfaces. Before you install the turf, you need to study the surroundings. Identify where reflective exteriors could create an issue.

Once you’ve completed the study, you need to have a plan. If you have to change the landscape, then you should do it. However, this would take a lot of time and money because you have to renovate the yard.

If you don’t have a budget, and time is of the essence, you may opt for installing a sun protector in your windows. You could use an awning window or a perforated window film.

An awning window is technically a replacement window. However, it can be used with stationary windows for better clarity. Though it is a replacement window, it doesn’t mean it can damage your synthetic grass. When you open the sash of the window, it will serve as the cover of your lawn, reducing the heat.

However, using awning windows as your cover to your artificial turf means spending a lot of money. Aside from buying the product, you also need to pay for the company’s installation service.

Thus, the cheapest yet the most efficient way to prevent turf damage is applying a perforated window film to your windows. Generally used in buildings, this window tint takes care of your artificial lawn. It has anti-reflective properties, which deflect off the sun’s rays. Consequently, the temperature of the grass will decrease.

However, many homeowners are a bit hesitant to put the films in their windows as they could compromise the view. However, there are clear perforated window films available in the market. They don’t affect the clarity of your windows but still provide features that window films offer.

Several manufacturers are now offering clear perforated window films. But if you’re looking for window perf products that can protect your synthetic grass, then you should choose the Turf Guard Window Film. Visit windowfilmforturf.com to place your order.

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