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Why Are Users Filing a Lawsuit Against Vinyl Siding Manufacturers?

A few months ago, Alex Nelson filed a lawsuit against one of the vinyl siding manufacturers. According to the complainant, the company denied him of getting warranty claims because the cause of the damage was unusual.

What Are the Causes of This Unusual Damage?

According to the manufacturer, unusual damage refers to the vinyl siding melting. If a window reflection causes the destruction, they call it an unusual damage.

However, this case is no longer rare. Because more people are switching to Low-E windows, the risk of having a melted vinyl siding is becoming more prevalent. The glasses used by such windows allow the light to come in but hinder the heat from entering your home. As a result, it melts not only your artificial grass but also your siding.

Where Does the Heat Come From?

The heat that causes your house siding to melt originates from the sun. Once the rays hit the glass window, it concentrates the heat in a small area.

However, there are instances where your windows are not the sole culprit. Your neighbors’ energy-efficient windows can also cause your siding to melt. Once the sunlight reaches your neighbor’s windows, the light and heat bounce back to your siding, causing it to melt.

Is There a Way to Get Compensation From the Distributors?

Unfortunately, there’s no way you can get compensation from vinyl siding manufacturers if the heat causes the damage. Since the controversial case happened, companies have changed their warranties to avoid lawsuits. Nonetheless, some users are using their rights as a consumer because it’s not their fault why their siding melts.

What to Do When Your Siding Is Melting?

Because vinyl siding manufacturers have kept their hands off from this damage, users have no choice but to do siding repair. They have to fix it by themselves, which is time-consuming and expensive.

If you don’t want to put your budget at risk, you need to prevent your insulated vinyl siding from melting. You can use some awnings to block the adverse effects of window reflections. But because they serve as an extra roof, they also hinder the natural light from entering your home.

Thus, the best solution would be applying a Turf Guard Window Film. This film protects your siding from melting, thanks to its UV protection and anti-reflective properties. If you use this for your windows, you don’t need to rely on vinyl siding manufacturers.

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