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Why Does Your Artificial Turf Melt: Causes and Solutions

One of the common problems when it comes to artificial turf is the melting during extreme heat. However, its primary cause is still the solar heat reflection from the windows, especially those that are treated with reflective films.

Most windows already have tints or films to increase its efficiency, especially during hot weather. Window films can prevent the solar heat and glare from flooding the interior of your house. Most types of window films have a reflective factor which is common in energy efficient windows. This feature is effective in blocking heat by reflecting it back outside. However, this useful feature of the window film can be damaging to your artificial turf.

How Do Energy Efficient Windows Cause Artificial Turf Melt

When you see your artificial turf melt outside, then most probably, your energy efficient windows have caused that. The mirror-like surface of an energy efficient window film reflects heat that can damage the materials used in making synthetic turf.

While your synthetic turf might look good, it is susceptible to damage and melting once the melting point of its materials is met. It happens when the heat from the sun is reflected from the windows, causing it to hit a portion of your artificial grass lawn directly. You can see if your artificial turf melts when there are brown spots on your lawn. The same things that happens with withered natural grass.

Artificial Turf Melting Solutions

The reason why your artificial turf melts is the factor that you should consider changing or improving to protect your turf. Since the energy efficient window films are the problem, the first step on your artificial turf melting solutions list should be changing the current window film into an artificial turf-friendly one.

There are types of window films that can protect synthetic turf instead of damaging it or causing it to melt. For example, turf guard window film can both effectively protect against harsh UV rays, and it can protect your artificial grass from melting due to extreme heat. Turf guards are inexpensive but can increase your home’s efficiency both inside and outside.

If you have a grass lawn at home or if you are planning to have one and are looking for an ideal window film for your home, going for a turf guard window film would be the ideal choice. It can give you the benefits of a window film and a natural view of the outside. It also doesn’t come with the strong reflection of the sun that can damage the beauty and cause artificial turf melt. Visit our website and find out more about turf guard window films.

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