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Why Does Your Vinyl Siding Need Sun Protection?

Just like our skin, our home is prone to UV damage. The harmful effects of the sun could cause weathering, discoloration, and melting. It can also speed up aging, which affects the house’s curb appeal. Aside from that, you can’t see the damage outside unless the burning gets worse. Fortunately, there are sun protection tools for your vinyl siding.

But first, let’s talk about the factors that trigger such damage.

What Causes This Damage?

One of the contributing factors is the melting point of vinyl. According to the Vinyl Siding Institute, the average melting point of this home siding material ranges from 160-165oF. However, the heat coming from the sun and you and your neighbor’s windows can reach up to 200 degrees. Because the siding can no longer handle the heat, it tends to melt, making your home unattractive.

However, the sun isn’t the only primary culprit. According to the National Association of House Builders, differences between the temperature and barometric pressure can also affect your vinyl siding. This happens when the “magnifying glass effect” takes place. The glazing becomes concave due to the vacuum insulated in the window pane. As a result, it focuses the beam of light and heat onto your siding, which affects the vinyl siding colors.

What Are Vinyl Siding Manufacturers Saying About This Issue?

Companies are aware of this problem, but they keep avoiding this topic. According to them, this damage is only a rare case. They changed their warranty policies to keep their hands off this dilemma. Hence, homeowners have no choice but to replace their house siding with new material. But that was before they had a better solution.

How to Protect Your Siding From Sun Damage

Nowadays, you no longer need to spend a hefty amount of cash to ensure your vinyl siding is in good shape. You can use some sun protection tools that block the harmful UV rays from hitting the windows.

One of the things that you can use is awnings. It hinders the sun’s rays and heat from touching the window glazing. Furthermore, it’s cheaper than changing your insulated vinyl siding. However, it dims the interior part of the house as it blocks the natural light from entering your home.

Thus, the best solution would be using a Turf Guard Window Film. Our products have anti-glare properties that help reduce reflections and heat. Indeed, this is the best sun protection for your vinyl siding. To get our vinyl siding melting solutions, visit our website now!

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