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Why Is Window Film the Best Way to Protect Your Fake Grass?

Many people are now switching to fake grass because of several reasons. For one, it requires little maintenance as opposed to natural lawn. You don’t need to water, mow, and fertilize it as it keeps its beauty all year. Secondly, it improves your house’s curb appeal because of its lush green color. Lastly, in using this, you could save a lot of money in the long run.

However, windows could burn or melt the blades of your fake lawn. As a result, it decreases the value of your property.

Why Is Your Turf Melting?

There are several reasons why your fake grass is disintegrating. One reason could be the cooking equipment. When cooking outside your house, sparks could fly all over the place. It could fall onto your fake turf, causing it to melt.

Another reason is your energy-efficient windows. As the name suggests, these improve a home’s power consumption by reflecting light away from your house. Consequently, they stabilize the room temperature, making everyone comfortable, regardless of the weather.

However, this benefit affects your fake grass. The coating used by these windows directs and concentrates the light beam onto your turf, causing the temperature to rise. As a result, your lawn melts as it can no longer take the heat.

How to Stop Window Reflection From Melting Your Grass?

There are several ways to reduce glare and to prevent your artificial lawn from disintegrating. You could use awnings as they block the UV rays from hitting your glass windows. However, they make the room dark as they obstruct the natural light from entering your house.

Thus, the best solution would be window tinting. However, an ordinary film wouldn’t be enough; it should be Turf Guard Window Film. As the name implies, this coating is meant to protect the synthetic lawn. The film deflects off the light once it hits your windows. Moreover, it has UV protection that stops the artificial turf from fading.

Nonetheless, these films don’t dim a room. They’re like a bug screen; therefore, allowing you to see the outside view. Consequently, they let the natural light enter your abode. Hence, it not only protects your fake grass but your budget as well.

The Turf Guard Window Film comes in an array of colors. That way, you can choose a shade that complements the exterior design of your house. Simply go to our website and pick a film that you want. We will ship your order within 72 hours.

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