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Why Most People Fail at Trying to Prevent Artificial Turf Melting?

Is your artificial turf melting? Many households with synthetic grass in their backyard are currently facing this problem. However, only a few people know the leading cause of this turf damage. In this post, you will learn what causes this phenomenon.

Window Glare: The Prime Suspect of Artificial Turf Damage

Most households have Low-Emissive or Low-E windows because these windows can help save energy. The glass used by these windows reflect heat away, which keeps the room temperature cooler during the summer and warmer during the winter.

At the same time, many homeowners are searching for “where can I buy artificial grass” online. Despite the high artificial grass prices per square foot, many people choose to install these grasses in their yard, as they do not require high maintenance.

However, having these two in your house can be a recipe for disaster. As mentioned earlier, Low-E windows block the heat from entering your home. Therefore, since the reflected sunlight has nowhere else to go, your imitation turf absorbs this high temperature. As a result, it triggers your fake lawn to melt.

Why Many People Fail at Preventing This Turf Damage

Many people believe that watering the grass field can help prevent this issue. However, this is not always the case. Although irrigating the entire area may lower the temperature of the synthetic grass, it cannot stop the artificial turf from melting. Instead, it can only cause flooding.

Additionally, watering the grass in the middle of the day can cause further damage. Water droplets also have reflective properties. Therefore, if the sun rises before they evaporate, these droplets can magnify the sunbeam, causing severe problems.

What Is the Best Way to Prevent This Issue?

There are several ways to stop your lawn from disintegrating. You can plant shady trees near your windows, install awnings, or get the best artificial grass. Nonetheless, these options have setbacks of their own.

If you want to prevent this problem, it is best to get a perforated window film. This window film looks like a bug screen, allowing a sufficient amount of sunlight to pass through your window. Despite its unique feature, it can still prevent turf damage.

Once the film is applied to your windows, it deflects off the light and disperses the heat all over your yard. That way, all areas of your garden will get an equal amount of heat.

All these perks and more are available at Turf Guard Window Film. Get the clear perforated window film and see for yourself how it can stop the artificial turf from melting!

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