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Why Should You Use Synthetic Grass for Athletic Fields?

For many years, synthetic grass has replaced natural grass in many sports fields; from school campuses to Olympic stadiums. It offers several benefits to athletes and the arena as opposed to natural turf. Below are some of the perks that you will get if you choose artificial grass over the natural lawn.

It Offers a Better Grip on Foot

Natural grass fields tend to get slippery when the area is wet. If the sport you’re playing requires running, and it’s raining, chances are, you will slip into the mud. You may also injure yourself because of this.

With synthetic grass, slipping will no longer be a problem, even if it’s raining hard. You can run and kick the ball without sliding. Therefore, not only will the players enjoy the game, but the spectators as well.

It Can Withstand Different Weather Patterns

Sports events happen in different months. However, the turf’s beauty doesn’t last all year. During fall, the grass changes its color. The same thing happens in summer. When the lawn is exposed to the sun it will most probably wilt.

You will never experience these problems if you switch to artificial lawn. The grass blades are always green despite the weather condition. Hence, you don’t have to maintain them to ensure its color and beauty. However, you still need to rake it and clean the field so it will last long.

It Is Versatile and Durable

One of the best features of synthetic grass is its strength. After every sports event, natural turf needs to recover before a new game begins. This is not ideal, especially if there are two consecutive events on the same day.

But if you use a synthetic lawn, you don’t need to wait for its recovery period. The grass is versatile and is resistant to heavy foot traffic. Whether you run, kick, or jump, the fake turf will hold its shape. Therefore, you can start a new game right after the previous match.

It Doesn’t Require Growing Periods

Because the faux grass is not planted, you don’t need to wait for them to grow. As soon as you’re done installing the lawn, you can start using the field.

Synthetic grass can last up to 20 years. However, you need to do proper maintenance to keep its quality. Otherwise, it will disintegrate and melt if you don’t do any action to prevent them.

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