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Why Sunlight and Reflective Surfaces Melts Synthetic Grass

These past years, synthetic grass is becoming more affordable to homeowners.  The use of artificial grass is now common, especially in areas where natural grass is scarce and not able to grow. No one wants to live in an unpleasant home, but with artificial grass, you can have a beautiful and eye-catching lawn. You can design your artificial lawn in any way you want, and the good thing about it is it requires low maintenance.

Artificial grass offers a lot of features. However, it’s not always perfect. Like any other products, artificial grass also has limitations and drawbacks.

Why Artificial Grass Melts

A natural foe of artificial grass is sunlight, and its effect strengthens when combined with reflective surfaces. Synthetic grass is made of a high-quality material called polyethylene. This material can withstand heat, but to some extent only. If the heat reaches more than 200 degrees Fahrenheit, it will cause the polyethylene to melt or disintegrate.

When sunlight has reflected the surfaces such as windows, heat will intensify and be redirected to your artificial grass. The high-temperature will cause the artificial grass to melt.

The sun’s magnification is not something that can be eliminated. Everyone wants to have guarantees and warranties when purchasing a product, but it would be useless if it is damaged over and over again for the same reason.

It is best to educate customers on what can damage their artificial grass so they can take precautionary measures to avoid it from happening.

How to Prevent Artificial Grass From Melting

One solution for this problem is by making sure you put your synthetic grass away from reflective objects. But is this possible? How about those consumers who have already bought the product and installed it where they want it? How about the reflective surfaces from your neighbor’s home?

The sun’s strong reflection can be prevented by reducing the heat coming from reflective surfaces in your home. Hence, protecting your artificial turf from melting.

How to Reduce Heat From Reflective Surfaces

Another solution that is easier and probably the best is by covering your window with a Clear Perforated Window Film. The Clear Perforated Window Film acts as a protection for your synthetic grass as it reduces the heat from reflective surfaces. This film prevents the fake grass from burning or melting.

This window film also has other functions such as for decreasing heat inside your house and aesthetic purposes. The film doesn’t change the way you can view your artificial lawn from the inside. This will still give you the chance to view the scenery outside. You can enjoy looking at your beautiful lawn all-year-round with the help of the Clear Perforated Window Film.

If you found a melted grass before you used the window film that can be replaced, then you won’t have to worry.  To protect your artificial grass and enjoy its benefits for a long time, acquire a window film.

Protect your synthetic grass from melting by using a Clear Perforated Window Film.

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