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Why You Must Stop the Window Reflection from Killing the Grass

Many residential houses, including commercial establishments, have lawns on their yards. These plants not only absorb heat but also make the property beautiful and attractive. However, they tend to wilt no matter how many times you water the area during summer. There’s only one good reason for this – the window reflection.

We often think that sun exposure can cause turf damage. However, research shows that it’s the window reflection that is killing the grass. When the sun hits the glass window, it bounces off the light on your lawn. As a result, it increases the lawn’s temperature, causing it to wilt.

However, it’s not the only reason why you should stop the window glare from killing the grass. Here are some of the ways to prevent the sun reflection from killing the grass.

  1. You must spend a hefty amount of cash to avoid wilting.

While it is the grass’ natural quality to revive itself when the summer is over, you still need to maintain them. You need to give them proper care like watering them three times a week or providing fertilizers to survive. These methods take too much money and time. If you don’t have the budget for these costly solutions, then you need to stop the window reflection from killing the grass.

  1. It makes your property unappealing.

Having a wilted turf in your yard makes the property uninviting. This will not only affect your image as a homeowner, but you will also be the laughingstock of your community. If your turf starts wilting because of the glare from your windows, you need to stop it immediately.

How to Stop Window Reflection from Damaging Your Grass

There are a few tips to remember to prevent the glare from a window from killing the grass. One way to do this is by knowing the best time to water the lawn. To make this solution more useful, you need to water the grass field before the heat strikes the surface. This will give time for the water to evaporate.

Doing this in the middle of the day will only bring more damage to the turf. That’s because water droplets can also magnify the sunbeam, causing the lawn to still wilt.

You can also apply a window film for turf to your window. It spreads heat equally; therefore, preventing the window reflection from killing the grass. Moreover, it saves energy because it allows the natural light to enter your home.

All these features and more are available at the Turf Guard Window Film. Visit our website and find out how our window screens can stop the window reflection from killing the grass.

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