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Window Film 101: 3 Major Causes of Synthetic Turf Melting

If you want a high-quality grass lawn that only needs little maintenance, then a synthetic grass surfacing is the perfect choice for you. With the quality of artificial turf getting better and better, not to mention its increasingly affordable price, artificial turf is becoming a popular choice among homeowners. Despite all the advantages of installing an artificial turf, it also holds plenty of disadvantages like synthetic turf melting.

The discomfort of turf burn shouldn’t stop you from installing your own. You can live happily in your house with your synthetic turf if you learn how to prevent turf burn. The first step is by knowing the major causes of synthetic turf melting.

    1. Reflections from Energy-Efficient Windows

      Energy-efficient windows have mirror-like surfaces that reflect heat that can damage your artificial turf. Your turf won’t melt as easily as heat is reflected upon it, but when your windows reflect damaging heat to your turf, it is slowly wrecking the materials used in creating the artificial turf. When a certain damage point is reached for the materials, then it’s going to result to synthetic turf melting.

        2. Barbeques With Polished Surfaces

          Windows aren’t the ones that can cause artificial turfs burning. Barbeques with polished surfaces also have the ability to reflect heat rays that can result in melting. Bear in mind that artificial turfs have a very high melting point. With that, any reflective surface including that of a barbeque stand can cause the same effect as that of an energy-efficient window.

            3. Direct Sunlight

              Artificial grass has a melting point of about 165 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s far hotter than what’s considered safe, which is at 122 degrees. Since artificial grass is considered to be hotter than the original, it can easily melt since it is exposed to sunlight. According to a turf burn study that was partly funded by Las Vegas, the heat potential of artificial grass is a point wherein when the moment you touch it, there is the possibility that you can burn your hand.

              There are lots of advantages that come with artificial turf, but note that the disadvantages can cause your safety and the safety of your family. With that, learning how to prevent turf burn and how to maintain synthetic grass is important so that your household can be free from synthetic turf melting. However, to take extra measures, you’re going to need a Turf Guard Screen Film. This is a window accessory that helps prevent window reflections from burning your turf.

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