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Window Film Application: Is it Enough to Protect Artificial Grass?

Window glare coming from energy efficient windows has been proven to be damaging to artificial grass. The intense heat coming from windows can lead to discoloration and the turf melting. It's been said that a window film application can protect synthetic lawns. But is it enough?

What Do You Get from Window Film?

Window film provides a lot of benefits to homeowners, residents, and even the environment.

One major benefit of reflective window film is the cutback on solar heat. Window film helps bring down the temperature inside a residence or building to a comfortable level. Because of this, households don't need to use of HVAC systems as often, so less electricity and natural gas are consumed. This results in fewer fossil fuels being burned and a decrease in the carbon dioxide (CO2) and greenhouse gasses that are released into the atmosphere. 

A window film cover also prevents UV rays from entering living spaces and protects residents from premature skin aging and skin cancer. The protective film also provides an extra layer of privacy and security to the home.  People from outside can't see inside a room if the window is treated with a film cover. Window film also prevents glass from shattering, making it harder for intruders to break in while also keeping windows safe from the occasional stray softball. 

Is Window Film Enough to Protect Artificial Turf?

A proper window film application is the best protection for artificial turf. Window film is very effective in diffusing the sun's reflection. Window glare has been proven to cause vinyl sidings and artificial grass to melt. But a premiere window film cover like Turf Guard Window Film can significantly reduce the sun's reflection so that synthetic grass is protected from glare and remains looking vibrant and new longer. 

What Other Options Do Homeowners Have?

While a window film application is enough to protect your lawn, there are additional steps homeowners can take to ensure that their property remains safe from harmful sun reflection. Something as simple as planting shade trees or plants in front of windows can be a big help.

Window treatments like awnings, screens, and shutters also help reduce window glare. It can also make your exterior more aesthetically pleasing.

Turf Guard Window Film is the only window film application you need to reduce striking window glare and protect your artificial turf. Turf Guard is affordable, easy to install and comes in four different shades.

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