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Window Film for Turf vs. Window Reflection Killing Grass

There are a lot of reasons why more homeowners are installing artificial lawn turf instead of planting natural grass. In a lot of ways, it is easier to manage compared to the old fashioned natural grass in your yard.

Artificial grass doesn’t need that much time and effort to maintain, not like natural grass that will take so much work to plant. It doesn’t end there because you still need to wait for it to grow. Artificial turf maintenance is also simple, and there is no watering needed, which will help you save a lot on your water expenses.

While using artificial grass lawn does not require strict care and maintenance, there is a factor in your home that can cause problems on your turf and your windows. When not addressed properly, it can even damage to your artificial lawn.

Effects of Window Reflections on Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is made from materials such as polyester and nylon or polypropylene. It has a low melting point. While artificial grass has a slow melting process, it can eventually melt when there is intense heat directed to it.

One of the problems found when it comes to using artificial lawn is the effect that is caused by the window reflection. Glass windows have a reflective factor and will, therefore, prevent the solar glare from getting inside the house and reflect it back outside which sometimes hits a portion on your turf. This often causes ugly brownish spots.

While heat directly from the sun is not enough to melt the artificial grass on your lawn, when it is reflected from the windows, the glass intensifies the heat. Therefore, the solar heat directed into the turf surface is concentrated and more intense.

The UV radiation from the sun, which also intensifies when the windows are reflecting it, can also damage the properties of the materials of the artificial turf. It causes the discoloration you can find in your turf at home.

Window Film for Turf and Its Benefits

The window film for turf is a kind of glass window film that has perforations on the surface. Instead of the mirror-like surface in most films, the window film for turf uses its perforations to help keep the glare and heat of the sun from entering the interior. Without the mirror-like surface, it has no reflective effect which then eliminates all the harmful effects of window reflection.

Window film for turf is useful in giving your home a certain level of privacy while still protecting your artificial grass outside from intense heat. Using our turf guard window film will give you these effects. Visit our website to find out more.

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