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Window Film: How It Stops Window Reflection From Killing the Grass

Is the window reflection killing the grass? It is one of the common problems faced by homeowners who have installed Low-E windows. Many people want to have this type of window as it makes the room cooler during summer and warmer in the winter. Hence, it helps you save energy consumption.

However, it can potentially damage your beautiful lawn. When the sun strikes the window’s Low-E coating, it concentrates the light and transmits it on your grass. This phenomenon results in increasing the temperature of the field. If it cannot take the heat any longer, the grass turns to a yellowish-brown color. It is an indication that the window glare is killing the grass.

Fortunately, you can stop the window reflection from killing the grass. You just need to apply window films to your windows.

What Is a Window Film?

It is a bug-screen-likefilm used for reducing thetemperature inside and outside the house. It is much cheaper than replacement windows and is also easier to install. You just need to stick the film to the window and let it do its work.

How It Stops the Reflection From a Window From Killing the Grass?

There are two purposes of window films that prevent the glare from windows from killing the grass. One is to reduce glare, and the other is to decrease the temperature. Once the sun hits the window screen, it automatically deflects the light off; therefore, lessening reflection. Meanwhile, it diffuses the heat throughout the lawn so that all spots get the same amount of temperature.With these purposes, you can stop the sun reflecting off windows from killing the grass.

Other Benefits of Using Window Film

Aside from preventing the window reflection from killing the grass, there are other benefits that you can get from this product. For one, it lets you save money on electricity bills. Unlike other window films, this screen allows the natural light to enter your home. Nonetheless, it keeps the room cooler in the summer and vice versa. Hence, you no longer need to turn up the volume of your AC unit or switch on the light in the morning.

Nevertheless, the best thing about this film is the easy installation. You do not need to hire a professional installer. Just follow the instructions and tools provided by the package to ensure that the film is in place. However, you need to do it correctly. Otherwise, you will not get these perks or halt the sun reflection from killing the grass.

All these features, benefits, and more are available at Turf Guard Window Film. Use our window film products and stop the window reflection from killing your grass.

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