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Window Film Is the Hero in Preventing Artificial Turf Melting

The presence of windows near the garden is a significant factor to consider for artificial turf melting. Windows may appear harmless, but in fact, it plays a big role in the melting process. So before you go and buy artificial grass, it’s time to look at your window differently.

Synthetic Turf - Practical Alternative to Real Life Grass

When you say “artificial turf,” it means synthetic turf grass. It is good quality artificial grass installed on lawns for its practicality and aesthetic appeal. Imagine having your lawn being green for years without actually lifting the hose to water it! There is no need to mow, no need to water, and no need to worry about mud.

Cost wise, synthetic lawn prices vary depending on the size of the lawn and the type of turf you want. The sellers have a fixed rate that covers the artificial grass installation cost and warranty. Even if the turf is synthetic and durable, it could still receive damage since it is exposed to natural elements. Of all the natural elements, sunlight is a major factor in its breakdown.

Your Window Is the Main Reason For the Turf's Breakdown

Innovation in window manufacturing has drastically improved through the years. Nowadays, some windows can reduce the heat entering the house. However, the objects outside take more damage since more heat is reflected outwards. Any shiny object or surface can reflect light, but windows still play a key role in artificial turf melting due to its size.

The Result of Constant Exposure of the Turf to Reflections

There are linear patterns or patches of discolored fake grass present in areas where the reflected light are usually concentrated. The discoloration is hardly noticeable at first, although it will be evident after receiving damage. Artificial turf is susceptible to melting during summer where the temperature is high. Reflection from shiny objects will only add to the heat from the area surrounding the turf.

The artificial turf is not the only object that could be damaged by heat from the reflected light. It could damage plastic chairs, plastic toys, and even real-life plants. Further damage could be prevented by reducing the reflective capability of the window. Window panes are covered with a perforated film to reduce the glare and reflection, similar to a matte-screened gadget.

Save Your Lawn From Melting, Save Your Lawn From Reflection

Reducing the glare from the windows is beneficial for the whole lawn. There are films available on the market, but these can affect how the colors will appear when looking from the inside. For a natural feeling, a clear perforated window film is recommended to stop artificial turf melting.

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