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Window Film: The Best Solution to Artificial Grass Melting

Window glare can wreak havoc on one's property. The intense glare can cause artificial grass to melt. Experts have recommended the use of either a window film or screen to minimize the damage posed by the sun's reflection. But what solution is the best for artificial turf?

Understanding Different Solutions to Turf Melting

Many window treatments can block harmful ultraviolet rays and diffuse solar heat. But each has their differences. Examples of these are window screens and window films

A window screen is made from a denser material, with the fabric mounted on a frame that's then attached to the residence or building. Its thick appearance can hinder the view from the inside while its density can affect the airflow. There's also quite a bit of maintenance involved as screens tend to collect bugs and dirt, thus requiring regular cleaning.

On the other hand, a window film is made from very thin filaments that are applied on a glass surface. It can stop 99% of UV rays and reduce irritating window glare. Unlike its counterpart, window film is transparent, which enables one to have an unobstructed view inside and out. It's also easy to apply and maintain.  

Which Option is the Best Solution for Synthetic Lawns?

In considering the solutions mentioned, both window film and screen have their own proponents and sets of advantages and disadvantages. But which one is best for artificial turf?

Homeowners do get some benefits from using a window screen. It reportedly blocks about 80% to 90% of solar heat, making rooms cooler and reducing the need for ACs. The filters also ensure the room is properly ventilated while preventing dust and insects from getting in. Screens can also block window glare coming from the sun.

However, window films provide the same benefits and more. Window films are capable of blocking almost 99% of UV rays while still allowing high levels of visible light to stream in. It also gives people more privacy as the film makes it hard for people outside to see into the residence. Window film also provides an extra layer of security and safety, as it prevents glass from shattering into tiny shards. Window film also adds an aesthetic appeal to windows. Plus, the transparent film ensures that nothing is hindering the view.  

But perhaps the most significant proof that window film is best for artificial turf is how effective it is in diffusing the sun's reflection. Glare from windows can have a magnifying effect, with the reflected heat burning artificial grass. But a premiere window film like Turf Guard Window Film can reduce the reflected light to the point that your artificial turf will remain intact and look fresh longer.


Turf Guard Window Film is a leader in the window tint business. It offers the durable film in four different shades. For more information on the company and why it's best for artificial turf, head on to Turf Guard Window Film.

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