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Window Glare: How to Prevent Glass Reflection from Burning Grass

The sun's powerful rays can bring problems, with the glare causing visibility issues and the glass' reflection burning grass. But there are ways to minimize the discomfort window glare causes and prevent it from destroying artificial turf.

Different Types of Window Glare

There are two kinds of window glare – disability glare and discomfort glare.

A disability glare occurs when an object reflects a light source, turning it opaque and harder to see. Meanwhile, a discomfort glare happens when the light emanating from the side of an object is brighter than the light coming from it, thereby obscuring the object from view.

Window glare can also affect a property's landscaping. One situation that's becoming prevalent is the glass' reflection burning grass and artificial turf. This applies in particular when energy efficient windows are involved. These windows can act as a magnifying glass and reflect 30 to 50 percent of the sun's rays back out. This has reportedly caused artificial grass, vinyl sidings, garbage cans and plastic panels to melt

How to Prevent Glass Reflection from Burning Grass

There are several ways to prevent the glass' reflection from burning grass. Another option that landscape architects often use is planting trees for shade just outside the window. However, not all trees are created equal. Maple and oak trees are ideal for providing shade, while pine or fir trees are better utilized as wind breakers.

Overhangs and awnings are also good ways to eliminate window glare that can melt artificial grass. Individual awnings can be placed over each window. But for large windows or entryways, homeowners should consider a pergola or an extended overhang.

Homeowners can also save money and extend the lifespan of their turf by using landscape features. This can be in the form of a gazebo, a statue, a fountain, or a small Zen area. You can place these in spots where the reflected light from the window is more intense.

Admittedly, the easiest and best way to prevent glass reflection burning grass is to use reflective window coatings. Putting window film on your glass doors or windows will diffuse the sun's rays and reduce its intensity. Lessening the glare from the window will also minimize the chances of the turf melting or burning. 

Homeowners can save money in the long run if they can find ways to prevent window glare from ruining artificial turf. So far, the best and most cost effective way of managing window glare is to use Turf Guard Window Film. This anti-glare film fits any window and offers privacy and an added level of security as well. What's more, it can also stop glass reflection burning grass on your property.

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