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Window Glare Solutions: What You Can Do to Save Your Synthetic Lawn

The advent of energy efficient windows has made life more comfortable for millions of people. But it has also led to problems like artificial grass melting or vinyl sidings warping due to the sun's reflection. Fortunately, industry experts have been quick to come up with window glare solutions.

Why is Window Glare a Problem for Homeowners?

There are numerous advantages and disadvantages to using Low-E windows. On the plus side, it has made homes more energy efficient and helped lower electric consumption. Unfortunately, it inadvertently caused artificial grass and vinyl sidings to melt. There have also been reports of window glare melting plastic lawn furniture and damaging vehicles.

Glare happens when direct sunlight falls on reflective surfaces. Window glare can cause discomfort among residents as the bright light makes it harder to see and also increases the heat in the room. Aside from that, it also causes artificial grass to melt. And it's not just the synthetic materials that are affected. The sun reflecting off windows kills natural grass as well.

What Can You Do to Save Your Lawn?

The sun's reflection might be harmful to property, but there are window glare solutions that property owners can look into.

So far, the best solution to this problem is to place a protective cover on energy efficient windows. A window film like Turf Guard Window Film disburses the sun's reflection once it strikes the window's surface. This scatters the light and minimizes the intensity of the glare. As a result, artificial grass won't reach its melting point.

Aside from using Turf Guard, other window glare solutions are installing awnings or screens over windows, placing a trellis over doorways and planting shade trees and tall, bushy plants in front of windows. 

If it's possible, property owners should consult landscapers and have the area assessed before having artificial turf installed. The designer will check the place for potential problem spots caused by reflective surfaces and give suggestions on what to do before the synthetic lawn is installed. The designer might advise that a design feature like a pond or a fountain be placed in the problem area. Planting hardy plants or creating a rock garden could also be proposed.

The idea is to prevent the sun's reflection from causing problems and Turf Guard Window Film is the best window glare solution. With Turf Guard, you can rest easy knowing that your lawn is protected from window glare.

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