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Window Perf Films: The Best Solution for Artificial Turf Damage

Melting artificial turf is one of the common problems that its users face. This happens when light and heat bounce off an object. Consequently, the temperature of the synthetic grass will rise.

Several factors trigger the artificial turf to melt. However, the most common cause is the energy-efficient windows. Though it can help you save energy consumption and costs, it has an adverse effect to your artificial lawn. Fortunately, you can prevent this damage from happening. You only need to apply perforated window films to your Low-E windows.

Things You Need to Know About Perforated Window Films

A perforated window film, otherwise known as window perf, is a window tint that is used in commercial buildings. Its purpose is to allow the company to display their ads.

However, this is not the only intention of this window tint. Users have noticed its effect inside their offices after they’ve applied the window perf to their windows. One of the changes they saw is its cooling effect. Though most office buildings have A/C systems, the room became cooler, despite the number of employees working in one area. Thus, it helps them save money on energy bills.

Furthermore, it provides privacy without compensating the outside view. Once the ad is in place, nobody will see what’s happening inside your office.

Hence, many people are now using it in their homes as well. With this window film, you can enjoy the outside view and save energy consumption.

How Does Window Perf Help in Preventing Synthetic Turf Damage

You may ask – how does it assist in stopping artificial turf damage if it’s meant for advertising? Like other window tinting products, it has UV inhibitors. This feature does not only protect your furnishings from fading but also your artificial grass.

Color fading, or discoloration, is one of the signs that your artificial turf is melting. It happens when the grass blades cannot take the heat any longer. As the color fades, the grass begins to shrink until there’s nothing left.

Perforated window films can prevent this from happening. As mentioned earlier, window perf tints have UV blockers. This feature helps reduce the effect of reflection. Moreover, it soaks up the heat that is coming from the sun. Hence, the temperature will be reduced, causing the synthetic lawn to cool down.

If this happens, the risk of having an unhealthy-looking lawn is minimized. There will be no discoloration, and the best part, you can use the turf for up to 20 years! Of course, you still need to do some maintenance tasks to preserve its beauty and to make it sustainable. However, these jobs are nothing compared to the costs you have to spend on replacing the damaged area with a new set.

There are many window perf sellers out there, claiming that they’ve got the best product. However, some of them are only saying it to entice the people to get their items. If you don’t want to be a victim of such companies, make sure that you get this film from a reliable manufacturer.

The Turf Guard Window Film is one of those brands that you can trust. We offer window perf films that protect your artificial turf. Visit our website and know more about our products.

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