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Window Perf on Low-E Windows: Will It Preserve Your Fake Turf?

Most houses and window installation services now have Low-E windows. Low-E windows or energy-efficient windows help save energy consumption. It lets the natural light come in and stabilize the temperature inside the house. However, it destroys the beauty of your fake turf.

Some homeowners already noticed this effect. They’ve seen discolorations and patchiness all over the synthetic grass. This happens when materials that have reflective properties surround the lawn. Because they cannot absorb heat, they will transfer it to an object that is beside them, which is the grass. Thus, it will result in melting the blades, making your garden look unpleasant.

Fortunately, you can preserve the beauty of your fake turf and prevent melting. You only need to apply perforated window films to your energy-efficient windows.

What Is a Perforated Window Film?

Used in buildings, companies and other business establishments use this window tint to display their advertisements. It is usually applied to the exterior part of a window to hold the ads in place.

Unlike other window tinting products, it provides a clearer outdoor view. Nonetheless, it still offers privacy, especially when your ad is in place. Furthermore, it reduces energy costs as it lets the natural light come in.

Why Should You Apply Window Perf to Your Low-E Windows?

As mentioned earlier, energy-efficient windows can damage your artificial lawn. The glass used by these windows have magnifying glass-like properties. Once the light touches the window’s surface, it will transmit the heat to the grass, causing it to burn or melt.

However, if you apply perforated window films to your Low-E windows, it will reduce the risk of getting your fake turf burned or melted. The film has anti-reflective properties, which contribute to reducing reflection. Moreover, it absorbs more heat compared to energy-efficient windows alone. It also has UV blockers, which prevent fading.

With these solutions, you can stop artificial grass damage caused by Low-E windows.

How to Identify if Energy-Efficient Windows Cause the Damage?

There are two things that you can do to know whether Low-E windows cause the damage. First, you need to check the appearance of your shadow. Go to the spot where the damage is and take a look at your silhouette. If it shows a light shadow, then the damage is caused by your window.

Another thing that you can do is to touch the ground. Though artificial turf is hotter than natural grass, it gets even hotter when exposed to the energy-efficient windows. Touch it for a few seconds. If you can’t handle the heat, then that would be due to your Low-E windows.

Thus, you should already acquire a perforated window film before the fake turf damage gets worse. Make sure you get a brand that you can trust to get the protection that your faux grass needs.

But if you don’t know what to choose, then we are here to help. Our company makes quality window perf products to help you save energy costs and to protect your fake turf. Visit our website, windowfilmforturf.com, and buy our products.

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