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Window Reflection Causing Damage: The Answer to Your Problem

Window reflection causing damage to vinyl sidings and turfs has been a problem that needs to be addressed.

Using vinyl siding is a way to add decorations to your house. It definitely adds beauty to your house exterior. Turfs around the house can also add elegance to your house landscape. However, these products, as good as they may be, usually melt under the sun. This is primarily caused by the sun’s reflection in window glasses.

Window Reflection Causing Damage: The Answer to Your Problem

When the sun reflection hits window glasses, it bounces on the turf which causes your artificial grass to melt. The same thing occurs on vinyl sidings. It is affected by the sun’s reflection, causing damage to your sidings. It’s like having a large magnifying glass pointed to your sidings and turf.

The question now is how to stop window reflection from damaging your sidings and turf. Here are some possible solutions:

1. Changing the landscape design

You can always change your landscape design to something that will not be affected by window reflection. This can be done by totally renovating your landscape. Although this is very expensive considering that you need to hire landscape experts to do the job, this is a possible solution for window reflection causing damage sunlight.

2. Installing an awning

Another solution that you can try is to install an awning. An awning is a type of roof that can cover up and keep your turf and sidings from melting in the sun. This is a quick solution to your problem. However, it dims your house and prevents your neighbor from appreciating your landscape. Also, installations of awnings usually require professional help which is a bit costly.

3. Using tinted window films

Perhaps the best solution to your problem is to use tinted window films. It actually reduces the damaging effects of the sun’s reflection in your window. The good thing about this is that it is very to install. You can even do it by yourself. Also, tinted window films tend to be more discreet and do not cover up your beautiful landscape. It will not be noticeable nor will it clash with your house’s color scheme and design.

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