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Window Reflection Killing Grass: A Simple Definition

One of the main concerns for many homeowners is the window reflection killing the grass. We often think that insufficient water supply is the leading cause of turf damage. However, experts say that the glare from a window burns the grass.

You may ask – how is the glare from a window killing the grass? To help you understand the process, we will use layman’s term to explain it.

How Does Window Reflection Kill the Grass?

Not all windows burn or wilt the lawn. It only happens when you switch to Low-E windows. These windows use double-pane layers that reflect the heat away from your home. Because it has nowhere else to go, the Low-E glazing magnifies the hot temperature and transmits it on your lawn. As a result, it increases the heat of the grass’ surface, causing it to burn.

However, the window reflection is not only killing the grass. It also affects your car and even your vinyl siding. If these materials could no longer take the heat, it would fade the painting of your vehicle and deform your PVC wall.

Is There a Strategy to Stop the Window Glare From Killing the Grass?

There are ways to halt the window reflection from killing the grass. However, these solutions do not eradicate the cause. Rather, they just reduce the effects of window reflection to your lawn.

  1. Schedule Your Irrigation.

Although water is essential for plants, it does not mean that you need to water your plants every day. Too much watering can cause flooding, as the grass cannot absorb all the water. Thus, you need to water the field at least three times a week.

However, this is not enough. You also need to do it either in the morning or before 6 PM. If you water the grass in the afternoon, the water droplets will act as a magnifying glass. Meaning, the drops of water on the grass blades will intensify the sunlight, causing further damage.

  1. Apply Window Film for Turf.

This tip is the most recommended method by many experts. Once the sun reaches the screen, it breaks the path of sunlight; hence, reducing glare. Furthermore, it distributes the heat evenly so that no brown patches will appear. Indeed, this is the best tactic to stop the sun reflection from killing the grass.

However, you will only get to protect your turf if you choose Turf Guard Window Film. With this solution, you will no longer have to worry about the window reflection killing the grass.

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