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Window Reflection: The Reason Why Your Vinyl Siding Is Melting

Are you wondering why your vinyl siding is melting? There are a couple of reasons why it distorts.One reason could be your grill. Outdoor grills can emit hot temperature that can melt your exterior cladding. This dilemma happens when you light up the charcoal to cook.

Nonetheless, the main reason why your vinyl siding looks melted is the window reflections.

How Does Window Reflection Distort Your PVC Wall?

When the sun is at the right angle and hits the Low-E windows of your neighbor, the glazing creates a magnified light, which intensifies the heat. It, then, directs it onto your outer wall.This results in vinyl siding melting damage.

However, this only happens when the Low-E becomes concave. According to the National Association of the House Builders (NAHB), the changes in barometric pressure cause concavity in the Low-E coating. When the glass window becomes slightly deformed, it creates a magnifying glass effect.

Nevertheless, other people blame the low melting point of vinyl siding. The temperature limit of this material is between 160 and 165 degrees. Reaching a temperature above this limit will cause your siding to distort. However, the heat coming from energy-efficient windows can reach up to 200 degrees. Hence, it is the reason why your vinyl siding is melting.

How to Stop Window Reflection

Now that you know why your vinyl siding is melting, undoubtedly, you will start to look for ways on how to prevent this damage. There are several melting vinyl siding solutions that you can try. Here are some of them.

  1. Use Heat Resistant Siding

One of the efficient ways to resolve this issue is by installing a heat resistant siding. It has a higher melting temperature as opposed to the standard PVC cladding. In fact, it is even greater than the temperature of reflected heat.

However, installing heat resistant cladding can be expensive. Aside from the materials, you need to hire a professional installer to ensure everything is in place.

  1. Repaint the Wall

Another way to halt the effects of window reflection on vinyl siding is by changing its color. Studies reveal that darker tones absorb more heat than the lighter ones. However, it is only applicable if the color of your siding is dark.

  1. Apply Perforated Window Film

This solution is the most affordable, yet the most efficient way to protect your PVC wall from distorting. The film has anti-reflective properties and UV protection that reduce glare and the effects of UV rays. Moreover, it spreads out the heat all throughout the siding to get the same amount of temperature.

However, to get these benefits, you need to choose Turf Guard Window Film. Visit our website and find out why your vinyl siding is melting.

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