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Your Ultimate Guide in Choosing the Best Turf Product Type

Deciding on the turf product type that you will use in your lawn can be a very daunting task. There is a wide variety of turf products available on the market, and you can easily get lost in it if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

1. Lack of Proper Planning and Research

There are so many turf product types to choose from that you can easily be deceived in choosing the first turf product type that you come across. Settling on the wrong type of artificial grass does not only ruin your dream of having the perfect lawn, it can also hurt your bank account.

Proper planning and research on turf product types as well as the types of lawn that you want to achieve are essential. For a start, you would want to measure the area where you will be installing the artificial grass so that you can determine the amount of turf you will need to buy.

2. Consistency of Turf Product Type

One of the common mistakes people make when buying artificial grass is buying it a little bit a time. Homeowners see this as a way to test how the overall turf would look like. However, you would want to achieve a consistent color or turf product type.

What happens if you go back and you find out that the type of turf you need is sold out? Even if you find something similar, it may be from a different batch and thus, may have a different shade of green.

3. Turf Installations

Premium turf installations can be tricky. Premium turf performs well during waterlogging, drought, and salt conditions. However, the success of it lies in the proper installation of the turf.

Whatever turf product type your choose, keep in mind that you must have an effective drainage system, remove any uneven surface, do not forget to install the weed preventing membrane, and make sure to secure it firmly.

4. Be Patient

Using artificial turf is a long-term investment. Be patient in knowing the advantages and disadvantages of a particular turf. Know the best application for these turfs and consider all options.

If you are planning to go for either professional turf products or commercial turf products, it is essential to have patience as your strongest suit, especially during the installation process.

5. Proper Maintenance

Installing artificial grass can be costly, but it can last long because it does not require too much time in maintaining it as compared to natural grass. However, there are external factors that can pose threats to your turf.

Windows that do not have window films tend to reflect the sun’s rays towards a certain area and cause it to melt. This can greatly ruin your beloved turf.


If you play your cards right and have done proper planning and research, you will most likely end up with one of the best lawns in your neighborhood. Anyone who is planning to use artificial turf should know that preventive action is better than repair costs.

Our Turf Guard Window Film can protect your turf from harsh window reflections and prevent it from melting. Make your artificial lawn last by choosing the right turf product type and utilizing the right protective mechanisms.

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