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Your Unconventional Guide to How to Stop Window Reflection

Since more and more people are now dealing with melted vinyl siding, they want to know how to stop window reflection. Window glare is one of the leading causes why your PVC cladding is distorting. When the sun is at the right angle and the Low-E window is in a perfect condition, it creates a magnifying glass effect.

Experts named it as “the magnifying glass effect” because of what the energy-efficient window does. Once the sunlight reaches the glass pane, it intensifies the sunbeam and directs it onto the house next door. As a result, it melts the vinyl siding.

However, specialists say that this condition is only a rare case. It only happens when the Low-E glazing changes its shape; thus, creating this effect.

How to Stop Glass Reflection

When it comes to preventing window glare, the most common advice is to put blinds and curtains on your windows. Though they can block the sunlight and reduce reflection, they cannot protect your vinyl siding from melting.

Here are some tips to follow on how to stop window reflection:

  1. Plant Evergreens in Your Garden

Believe it or not, bushes can avoid the glare on windows from distorting your wall. Once they reach the right height, they block the sunlight from hitting the window, hence reducing glare. Furthermore, shrubs are natural heat absorbers. They cool down the atmosphere, resulting in a decreased temperature outside your home.

However, growing these plants in your garden may take a while before they serve their purpose. Moreover, you need to plant them strategically to ensure that they can cover your wall. If you do not have a green thumb, or you want a quick solution, then this may not be the best option.

  1. Apply Perforated Window Screen

It is one of the best vinyl siding melting solutions. This product is affordable yet durable. Furthermore, you no longer need to learn how to stop window reflection. You just need to stick the film to your windows and experience how it works.

The perforated window screen is not an ordinary window film. Instead of using plastic materials, this one is like a bug screen. It refracts the light off and diffuses the heat; hence, reducing the effects of window reflection. Nonetheless, the best thing about this product is that you do not need to do any melted vinyl siding repair.

All these benefits of window screens and more are available at Turf Guard Window Film. Visit our website and find out how to stop window reflection using our products.

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