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How to Stop Bird Window Collisions and Territorial Aggression

There are two main reasons birds fly into the windows of a home or office: first, they simply couldn't tell anything was there, and they thought they were soaring through open air. Second, they could see something there, and it was the reflection of another bird, or so they thought, that was threatening them. Whether by mistaking a reflective window as open sky or attacking a reflection as though it were a foe, the result in both these cases can be a bird injured or even killed and a window dirtied or even shattered by a bird striking the glass of your residence or commercial property.

Anti-Collision Window Film for Birds

Our Non Reflective Window Film for Birds reduces the shiny surface of your property's windows so an incoming bird won't misperceive the solid surface as a patch of sky or as a potential rival (or mate) and thus will bank off and fly away. Window film for birds means fewer incidents of a bird hitting your window which is better for the avian kind and the human kind alike. You won't be left with any guilty feelings after a bird hits the glass, and you won't have to repair damaged windows, either.

Best Way to Keep Birds Away from Windows

Using Non Reflective Window Film for Birds is the ideal way to stop birds from flying into windows because unlike many other solutions to bird impacts, this film will not markedly change the way the glass looks to human eyes from the outside, and from within, it will not ruin the view out through the glass more reduce the efficacy of energy efficient windows. This specialized perforated window treatment will, however, enhance the UV protection of your windows, preventing interior fading and discoloring damage.

Protect Your Artificial Turf, Natural Grass and Vinyl Siding from Reflection Damage

Turf Guard Window Film is an Affordable Do-It-Yourself Window Film Solution