🛑 STOP Your ARTIFICIAL TURF from MELTING 🔥 Do-It-Yourself Window Film Solution 😎

Window Reflection Burning Grass

Take a look at the grass or artificial turf outside the windows of your home or business. Do you notice any scorched or browned spots on the natural sod or any melted areas on the artificial grass? If so, there's almost surely one single culprit behind the damage: sunshine reflecting off your windows.

Artificial Grass Melted

Why is my Artificial Turf Melting?

When the sun's rays fall naturally, they can be quite warm, but they never reach high enough temperatures to melt the synthetic fibers of turf, and rarely is sunshine hot enough to scorch patches of grass that are otherwise healthy and properly watered. But when sunshine bounces off of windows, it can become highly concentrated; windows focus the sunbeams that glance off of them, meaning more energy and more heat ends up landing in a smaller area than would usually occur. If that area happens to be your grass or turf, you might be left with a badly damaged property.

Window Film for Artificial Grass

Artificial Turf Melting from Window Reflection

If you have turf melted by window reflection, then anti-reflective window film may be the only way to save the artificial grass you prize for its appearance and environmentally friendly properties. This glare-reducing window film can be quickly and easily applied to the exterior of your windows and will cause sunshine to scatter rather than to become focused as it bounces off the glass. That means no more artificial grass melted by concentrated rays of sun. But it doesn't mean windows that look or function any differently in any other way. This window film still allows plenty of visible light to enter your home, giving you the bright, inviting interior you enjoy, and it won't limit your view out through the windows any more than an all-bit invisible standard insect screen. 

Window Reflection Burning Grass

How to Protect Artificial Turf from Sun Damage

Protecting your synthetic turf from sun damage is easier than ever with Turf Guard Window Film. Install this easy to install clear exterior window film before the temperatures rise and the hours of sunshine grow longer in the warmer months of the year and you will be able to enjoy a vibrant-looking artificial grass year for many years to come. The modest, one-time expense of specialty Turf Guard Window Film will protect your much greater investment in artificial grass, and that means money well spent.

Why is My Artificial Turf Melting?