🛑 STOP Your ARTIFICIAL TURF from MELTING 🔥 Do-It-Yourself Window Film Solution 😎

Window Film for Artificial Grass

Artificial grass, often called turf, is a popular replacement for natural lawns thanks to its long-term resilience against damage, its minimal maintenance requirements, its total lack of need for watering, and its lush and attractive appearance. One drawback this synthetic ground cover creates is the fact that, under the right circumstances, artificial grass melts. 

Melting Point of Artificial Grass

How Can Artificial Grass Melt?

If exposed to enough heat, turf -- being made from synthetic plastic fibers -- will be damaged enough to require total replacement. The heat that ruins synthetic grass comes from sunshine, but not from the light that falls on the property, but rather from the sun's rays that are reflected off of glass windows. When sunlight bounces off a window, it often becomes concentrated. This concentrated light is in turn much hotter than the diffuse light of everyday sunshine. In fact, light reflecting off a window can exceed two hundred degrees Fahrenheit (or well over ninety degrees Celsius) in temperature, which is enough heat to make artificial turn melt. If your property has windows that reflect light onto the ground, you might end up with a yard that looks great one day but is a melted mess the next.

Window Reflection Burning Grass

How Can You Prevent Window Glare from Melting Artificial Grass

You don't have to close the shutters over your windows to stop them from reflecting hot sunlight onto your turf, you just need to treat the surface of the windows with anti-glare window film that will prevent sunlight from bouncing off their exterior in a focused beam. Instead of sending a beam of magnified light onto your artificial grass, windows treated with turf protecting film scatter sunlight and diminish its heat.

Window Film for Artificial Grass

Are Energy Efficient Windows Worse for Melted Artificial Grass

In a word, yes: energy efficient windows can cause even more damage to synthetic grass than standard glass windows. Energy efficient windows are designed to reflect a much greater portion of solar energy than standard glass panes. This keeps the interior of your home (or commercial property) cooler and lowers electricity costs thanks to reduced reliance on air conditioning systems, which is of course positive. What this added reflectance can also mean is unanticipated damage to your turf that can end up being frustrating and costly to repair. So if your yard is covered in turf and you have recently installed or are soon planning to upgrade with energy efficient windows, do your property a favor and coat the exterior of the windows with anti-glare window film.

 Sun Reflection Burning Grass

Will Turf Guard Window Film Change the View?

It will look similar to if you have a bug screen on the outside of your window. Our Clear Turf Guard is the least noticeable option.

Anti-glare window film changes the way sunlight reflects off your windows, diffusing its rays instead of allowing a hot, concentrated beam to be created. But it won't impact your view out through the windows, and it won't block the pleasant visible light you love about your home or place of business. Anti-glare window film installation is easy and the product can last for years even in areas prone to harsh, hot days filled with hours of sunlight for many months out of the year.

Sun Reflecting off windows Killing Grass