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How Do You Stop Window Reflection from Melting Siding?

In this article we will explain exactly how to stop window reflection from melting and damaging vinyl siding by using Turf Guard Window Film.

Energy efficient windows often have an optical coating that is highly reflective, rejecting maximum solar energy (AKA light) in order to keep the inside of the home or business cooler and less expensive to maintain. But all that rejected energy has to go somewhere, and if the place it beams off to is vinyl siding, that siding can melt and be damaged or outright ruined. And vinyl siding melted by sun reflections is more than just an eyesore; damaged siding can reduce insulation quality and can let in rain and moisture, leading to much bigger problems later.

How Reflected Sun Can Melt Vinyl Siding

Light bounces off energy efficient windows at a much higher rate than it does off regular glass for two reasons: first, there's that coating that makes the windows so reflective in the first place. Second, the vacuum seal between the dual panes of glass can create a curved, lens like surface that directs the sun into a super heated beam of light.

How To Fix Buckled Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is highly susceptible to heat, expanding and contracting as the temperature rises and falls; that's why the pre-drilled nail holes in most vinyl siding are ovular: this shape allows for some movement as the siding gets bigger or smaller. But while siding can flex and contract some in hot or cold weather, under super heated rays of solar reflection, it will melt and buckle much more dramatically. You cannot fix buckled melted vinyl siding; you have to replace it. And when you're doing that, make sure you are also installing Turf Guard Window Film, a window film that prevents sun reflections melting vinyl siding by scattering the light that hits the windows instead of allowing it to become concentrated. It's a cost effective -- and highly effective -- way to stop solar glare melting vinyl siding.