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Is Your Artificial Grass Melting?

It’s any homeowner’s nightmare: Your artificial turf mysteriously starts melting in random spots, and you can only watch helplessly as it starts discoloring and curling at the ends.

Believe it or not, the culprit is the sun, with a little bit of help from your windows. Turf can actually melt from window glare. The intense heat from an energy-efficient glass window reflection has the ability to melt and damage plastics like those found in turf.

How to Artificial Grass from Melting

Turf Guard Window Film is an easy to install, do it yourself solution that protects your natural and artificial grass by reducing the sun’s damaging reflection off of your windows. 

Turf Guard is applied to the outside of the window and does not add any solar absorption so it is safe for all window and glass types.

Easy to Install and 100% Guaranteed Effective

Over 100,000 sqft of Turf Guard has been installed with the sole purpose of protecting from damaging window reflection and in every single case, the problem was completely solved.

Everything you'll need to install Turf Guard is included along with easy to follow instructions.

Turf Guard is the #1 highest rated window film solution for artificial grass worldwide.

🟢 How To Know How Much Turf Guard You Need

Start by measuring the windows you’ll be applying it to. Measure the width and height of the glass.

Once you have all of the measurements, you’ll want to determine how you’ll make your cuts. Turf Guard is available in a width of 54” x a length of as much as 100 feet.

You’ll want to arrange your cuts to make the most of the material and minimize waste.

For example: if you have two windows - one being 24” x 48” and the other 28” x 48”, both windows can be cut out from 48” of the material, since it its 54” wide … and the width of the two window total 52”

We suggest adding 1 inch in each direction to your measurements. This allows room for error and cutting during your installation. The slight overlap will allow you to cut the film to the edge of your glass, custom fitting your window.

It's easy to use and includes everything you'll need for application to your windows.


I manage an apartment complex and had 3 tenants complain about damage to their car. No one could figure out who was damaging the cars we even installed cameras. Our grounds keeper overheard me on the phone. He said he's seen this happen at the country club he worked at 3 years ago and turf guard solved the problem. He was right! no more angry tenants or damaged cars

Jessica Wu

Very impressed with the quality of turf guard. Constructed more like a high-end vinyl than a tradition tint paper. You can tell it's going to stop a lot of reflection just by looking at it. And sure enough, after just a couple of weeks my lawn doesn't have any burn marks on it. No loss of color or streaking that I can tell. It's not cheap, but I figure way cheaper than replacing parts of the lawn every year. 

Vito Santos

Our natural grass had a large part turning brown in June - July because of the reflection coming from our windows. We were considering getting artificial grass installed however we found out artificial grass also burns and fades from the reflection damage. While researching our options we saw turf guard film and decided to give it a try. We couldn't be happier with the result! It is called turf guard but it works perfectly with natural grass too. 

Brian M. Crowell

Why is My Artificial Turf Melting?

Home owners are often unaware that while energy efficient windows are great way to keep your home cooler by reflecting the sun away from your home, the reflection can magnify the sun to a point of melting the turf. Windows, especially with Low E windows can often intensify the sun’s energy reflecting it back on to artificial turf and natural grass, causing the turf to burn.

Email and pictures we recently received from a very happy turf guard customer

Good evening, I just wanted to reach back out to you to Thank you again for such a great product. I finally was able to install this on my upstairs windows and it was a breeze.

It transformed our unusable space into a comfortable area to relax. We haven't seen the plants turn around yet but I just installed it today so they should grow back. I have attached a few photos of the before and after.

The image ending in 250 was after installation.  The image ending in 850 was before. The picture with the ladder, the window on the left is covered the window on the right does not have the film on it yet.

The interior picture the window on the right has the film and the window on the left does not. In the overall picture of all six windows all of them are covered. only the top portion of the windows was covered as the bottom portion was covered by the screen.

Feel free to use my pictures for marketing if you would like.  Have a great evening, 

David Flack

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