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Artificial Grass Burning from Windows

Here is How to Fix Artificial Grass Burning from Window Reflection

With the increasing popularity of artificial turf and low-e windows, incidents of artificial turf melting are increasing. Artificial grass melting from window reflection can be extremely frustrating and costly to repair. This page will thoroughly explain why artificial grass melts as well as the best solution to stop window reflection from melting artificial grass.

artificial turf melting from window reflection

In this article, we'll discuss:

1. Can artificial grass burn?
2. Why is artificial grass melting?
3. What causes the artificial grass to melt?
4. Does artificial grass melt in the sun?
5. How do you fix artificial grass?
6. Window Film to Protect Artificial Grass
7. Benefits of Window Film for Artificial Grass

Can artificial grass burn?

Yes, most artificial grass have a melting point of around 175-200 degrees Fahrenheit and the reflected heat from Low-E window glass can easily surpass those temperatures. It can't flame up and burn in the traditional sense, but it can and does melt.

artificial grass burning from windows

Why is artificial grass melting?

The most common reason artificial grass melts is because of a reflection off of a nearby window. All glass reflects some light, and double pane and energy efficient windows typically have a higher reflectance.

What causes the artificial grass to melt?

What happens is the sun hits the glass, is magnified, and the radiant heat and solar heat are bounced off the glass surface on to your artificial grass or whatever is in it's way.

cause of artificial grass melting

Does artificial grass melt in the sun?

It is not typical that artificial turf melts only from direct sunlight thought it can happen with lower quality artificial turf in areas that experience extreme climate such as Arizona, California, Nevada, Florida etc. Typically, the cause of artificial grass melting is due to the sun reflecting off of a nearby window. 

How do you fix artificial grass?

Once the turf is melted from window reflection, it was to be replaced. You do not need to replace your entire lawn, just the area thats been damaged. You can prevent it from getting worse or happening again by applying Turf Guard Window Film on the exterior of the windows that surround your turf.

Window Film to Protect Artificial Grass

The best solution to stop artificial grass from melting is Turf Guard Window Film. Turf Guard is an anti-reflective exterior window film that is easy to apply, and available in "clear" and "white". Both options work by diffusing the sun's light, so that it is not concentrated enough to have cause any damage to artificial turf or natural lawns.

Benefits of Window Film for Artificial Grass

Turf Guard Window film is a do-it-yourself solution which can easy be done in an hour or so depending on how many window's you're covering. Applying Turf Guard Window Film as a solution to turf melting is way less costly than installing an awning or replacing your turf over and over.

Follow These Steps to Stop Window Reflection from Burning Artificial Grass

1. Check Surroundings 

Go to the spot where your artificial turf has burned and look around. See what windows are in the area and which could be responsible for melting your turf. Locating which window or windows are causing the problem can be tricky and you may need to check throughout the day as the sun moves across the sky.

2. Measure the Windows 

Next you need to determine how much Turf Guard Window Film you'll need to cover the exterior glass of the windows that are melting your turf. To do that, measure the window width and height. Once you have the measurements, you can figure out how many feet of Turf Guard you'll need. Remember, Turf Guard Film comes in a 54" width so for smaller windows, you can sometimes cut two next to each other, reducing the amount of film you'll need.

3. Order Turf Guard 

Knowing the amount of glass you need to cover, order the appropriate amount of Turf Guard Window Film. Our shipping process is extremely fast so you can expect your film in just a few days.

4. Apply Turf Guard to Exterior of Windows

Thoroughly clean the exterior of your windows so they are dust free and dry. Then apply the Turf Guard Window Film following the installation instructions that come with your film.

5. Forget about Turf Melting

Once you've installed the Turf Guard to your windows, you can consider your problem of artificial grass melting solved. Turf Guard diffuses the light reflection so it is not concentrated to cause harm to your artificial grass / turf.

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