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How To Stop Window Reflection

Sunlight Reflected from Double-Paned Low-E Windows, and Damage to Vinyl Siding and Other Materials

Sunlight reflecting off windows can cause a glare that is unpleasant for those nearby. Sunlight reflected by low-E energy efficient windows, however, can be magnified into a beam intense enough to be worse than unpleasant: window reflections can be dangerous and damaging. So knowing how to stop window reflection issues is essential for the property that might be causing glare issues or which might be in the path of reflected light.

how to stop window reflection  

Low emissivity windows -- abbreviated as low-E in most cases -- are designed to reflect much more solar energy than standard glass panes. They block as much as 99% of the sun's ultraviolet rays, preventing interiors from fading and reducing the health risks posed by ultraviolet light. Low-E windows also block a large percentage of the sun's infrared light, which is chiefly responsible for solar heat gain inside a property; it is primarily for this reason that these windows are known as energy efficient. Most low-E windows are also quite well insulated thanks to a double pane design, which further enhances their energy efficiency.

window reflection melting siding

But all that UV and IR light reflected off windows has to go somewhere, and quite often it does so in the form of light beams intense enough melt vinyl siding and turf or to pose a hazard to nearby humans and animals. The benefits of low-E windows are clear: reduced heating and cooling costs and a smaller carbon footprint. But any responsible property owner or manager considering an upgrade to energy efficient windows or who has recently learned of the hazards their existing windows may create has to inquire how to stop window reflection that could melt vinyl siding, artificial grass, and more.

stop reflection off low e windows

The easiest way to stop window reflections melting siding is to apply anti-reflective window film on the exterior of energy efficient windows. Turf Guard Window Film is affordable and effective, and it can be installed easily even by someone with no expertise in building or maintenance. Turf Guard Window Film stops window reflections melting vinyl siding or turf or from simply creating a harsh glare that makes a property unpleasant by diverting the reflected sunshine in countless different directions rather than magnifying it into a beam.

Anti-glare window film does not limit the view out through windows nor does it reduce the welcome visible light that brightens the interior of your home or office. It simply alters the way the surface of the low-E windows rejects solar energy, all without reducing their efficacy in keeping the property cooler and better insulated.

 vinyl siding melted from window reflection

Clients are always pleased to learn that Turf Guard Window Film does more than stopping damaging window reflections, as well; as an added bonus, anti-glare window film enhances the tensile strength of your windows, helping to prevent them from shattering into pieces if the glass is struck by windblown debris, falling building material, or even an errant baseball. Window film might not be able to prevent the window from cracking and necessitating replacement, but it will prevent the panes from breaking into multiple smaller pieces that are both dangerous and frustrating to clean up.

Stop Window Reflection from Causing Damage