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Are Neighbor's Windows Melting Siding On Your House?

If your home has vinyl siding, then your residence is protected by one of most reliable building materials used in the modern era. Vinyl siding resists damage from water, it cannot rot like wood, it won't crack or crumble like stucco or concrete, and it can withstand sun damage, resisting bleaching or discoloration for many years.

neighbors windows melting siding


What vinyl siding cannot stand up to, however, is scorching heat in excess of two hundred degrees Fahrenheit. At temperatures in that range, this usually durable material is subject to melting that renders it unattractive and ineffective at keeping your home sealed and protected. But what could cause such high temperatures? It could be sunlight reflecting off windows of neighbors.

If your home has experienced warped, melted, or otherwise damaged vinyl siding that you simply can't explain based on causes present on your property, it might be time to ask if window reflections melting vinyl siding are the issue.

Often vinyl siding melting will occur almost without warning, even months or years after the installation of the material. The cause in this case is often a neighbor upgrading to low-E windows. Low emissivity windows reject a large portion of the sun's energy thanks to special coatings applied to their exterior. This helps keep the interior temperature of a property down, as less solar heat gain occurs, and means reduced energy consumption. That's a positive for electrical costs and for carbon footprint reduction, and low-E windows are growing ever more popular with plenty of good reason. The damage these windows can do to nearby structures through the concentration of reflected sunlight has only recently become better understood, however. 

how to stop window reflection

Fortunately, it's relatively easy to mitigate the laser beam effect that reflective windows can create on sunlight. All that's required is a coating of Turf Guard anti-reflective window film that sends rays of sun scattering about instead of magnifying them into a concentrated area. The cost of this anti-glare window film is so affordable that it's likely a neighbor will agree to install it himself or herself out of goodwill, or you can consider paying for the product if they agree to use it.

Turf Guard anti-glare window film stops melted vinyl siding and other potential property damage without impacting the appearance or function of windows. This specialty window film does not hamper the view through a window any more than a standard insect screen, and it is available in a clear version that is essentially imperceptible from outside and in gray, black, and white colors that can even enhance the aesthetic appeal of a home.

how to stop window reflection

If you are considering installing low-E windows in your own home, you might want to take the thoughtful, proactive step of having the exterior of the windows coated with Turf Guard anti-reflective window film right from the start. That way, you never risk your home being the cause of damage to nearby structures, or even of damaging any of the features of your own property, such as a shed, outdoor furniture, a play structure, and so forth.

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