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Sun Reflection Burning Grass

When most people think of window film, they think of the tint applied to glass windows that helps enhance privacy and reduce the heat gain caused by solar energy and sunlight floods an interior space. So why would anyone need window film for artificial grass, when after all grass tends to be located outside? 

Glare from Window Burns Grass

Anyone who has ever experienced turf melted by window glare on his or her property won't think twice before saying that such turf protecting window film isn't some novelty product, but is in fact necessary for keeping the synthetic grass safe against solar glare damage.

Why is My Artificial Turf Melting?

When sunlight bounces off of windows and down onto the ground, it can become magnified and concentrated. This focused light is much hotter than regular sunshine; when a reflected beam of such light is directed on a patch of turf for long enough, it can melt the synthetic fibers and ruin the artificial yard you prize. Light reflected off glass windows can also dry out and scorch natural grass, flowers, hedges, and in extreme cases, it can even warp, melt, or otherwise damage plastic patio furniture, outdoor upholstery, and other items as well.

Sun Reflection Burning Grass On Your Property

When first confronted with artificial grass melted by sunlight, many people are not sure how to respond. But once you identify window glare as the cause of the super-heated sunbeams, the solution is easy: Turf Guard window film stops your glass windows from focusing sunlight and instead causes the windows to scatter and diffuse the rays.

Window Reflection Burning Grass

Yet people still often have reservations about this decidedly unique product, worrying that while anti-glare window film protects synthetic grass, it will diminish the function and aesthetic appeal of their windows. Fortunately, Turf Guard will not limit the view out through or the amount of visible light let into your home any more than will a standard window screen.

Window Film for Artificial Grass

And in fact, not only will anti-reflective window film not damage the appearance of your windows, but it can even enhance their aesthetic appeal. This specialty window film is available in several different versions. You can choose a clear perforated film that will not noticeably change the look of glass windows at all. Also available are gray and black shades that can add depth and character to your residence. Some clients also choose white anti-glare window film that will brighten the look of your home while also, of course, protecting the synthetic turf. And until viewed from a very short distance, Turf Guard window film cannot even be perceived; the only major change you will notice about your property is that the turf is not melting when the sun shines anymore.

Sun Reflection Burning Grass