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Vinyl Siding Melting Solutions

If you are confronted with melted vinyl siding issues at your home or business, the likely culprit is window reflection melting vinyl. When sunlight bounces off of highly reflective windows, such as low-E windows that have been treated with a solar rejecting material, it can become so concentrated and hot that it will melt vinyl siding, artificial grass, patio furniture, and more.

vinyl siding melting solutions

One vinyl siding melting solution is to replace all of the vinyl material on the exterior of your property with a different building material, such as Hardieboard. These sand- and cement-based slats looks much like traditional vinyl siding, yet it are highly resistant to heat and won't warp or crack even when exposed to extreme temperatures such as can be caused by sunshine reflecting off windows. However, Hardieboard costs more than three times as much as vinyl siding and is more time-consuming and difficult to install.

How to Stop Reflection from Windows Melting Siding

Instead of replacing vinyl siding at great expense and inconvenience, a better solution to vinyl siding melting issues is to stop the offending windows from creating magnified beams of light in the first place. Applying Turf Guard anti-glare window film to reflective low-E windows will not impact how well the windows block UV and infrared light from entering a home, but it will send the rejected light scattering far and wide instead of allowing it to concentrate in heated beams.

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Neighbor's Windows Melting Your Siding?

Whether your neighbors have recently upgraded to low-E windows, if you yourself have just had these special windows installed, or of the angle of the sunshine is changing with the season and you think sun reflecting off windows may soon be an issue, don't hesitate to apply anti-reflective window film to the exterior of the panes. Vinyl siding can be melted surprisingly quickly once the sunlight reflects off low-E windows at the right angle, and once siding is melted by sunlight, it cannot be repaired, it must be replaced.

melted vinyl siding repair

Best Way to Prevent Your Vinyl Siding from Melting

The cost of installing window film to prevent vinyl siding melting is much smaller than the costs of replacing strips of siding that have already been damaged or ruined. If you are putting low-E windows in your home or business, it might be wise to install this protective window film over the exterior of any windows regularly exposed to direct sunlight as a proactive safety measure; even if the reflected rays don't fall on vinyl siding, the magnified sunshine can also damage grass or turf, pose a risk to humans and animals, and can potentially fade the interior of a vehicle or damage a paint job, bleach the stain or finish of a fence or play structure, and so forth.

In short, highly magnified light reflecting off windows can be a serious issue, especially to vinyl siding. Preventing a reflection off a window melting siding, turf, or anything else is easy and affordable, you just have to be sure to install Turf Guard anti-glare film for windows before the damage is done.

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