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Non Reflective Window Film for Birds

In any area with lots of birds, any glass window is a liability for a bird strike that can leave the animal injured or even dead and that can cause a mess (not to mention sadness and guilt) for the person on the other side of the glass to deal with. And the more glass, the more likely the issue of bird impacts. That's why we're proud that many of the leading customers of our Non Reflective Window Film for Birds are corporate clients that want to make large glass-covered structures into safer spaces for flying birds.

Prevent Birds from Hitting Windows with Window Film

Untreated glass windows can be highly reflective, and when the image they are reflecting is clear sky, it's no wonder that birds often fly into the glass surfaces of our buildings and residences. By coating the glass in an anti-glare bird window film, we can cut the reflective look of your property and keep the birds safer, but without taking away the energy efficiency and UV blocking properties of your low-e windows. In fact, Non Reflective Window Film for Birds only adds more UV reaction and a touch of insulation, too.

Clear Window Film to Prevent Bird Strikes

Many customers care about birds but still worry that Non Reflective Window Film for Birds will damage the way their windows look. In fact, most people will not perceive a difference in the way the glass looks from the outside, and from inside there will be as much light and about as clear a view as ever: this perforated bird window film only cuts down on the view about as much as a typical insect screen to which you are already accustomed. But the glass sure will look different to the birds flying nearby outside: in fact, it will finally look like anything at all!

Protect Your Artificial Turf, Natural Grass and Vinyl Siding from Reflection Damage

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