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How Can Window Glare Melt Fake Grass?

Stop Window Reflections Melting Artificial Turf In San Francisco 

The Bay Area is not exactly known for its searing heat. Sure, San Francisco summers see their hot days, but in general the region is prized for its mild weather. So how can things ever get hot enough to reach the melting point of synthetic grass, which is up just a bit below 200º Fahrenheit? The answer is window glare reflecting off energy efficient windows. If you ever started a fire with a magnifying glass when you were a kid, then you know the potency of concentrated light.

The Solution to Fake Grass Fried by Window Glare - Turf Guard Exterior Window Film to Reduce Reflection

So you did the eco-friendly thing and replaced your living lawn with artificial turf? That's a great move. Fake grass doesn't need water or fertilizing, you don't need to burn gas mowing it, and it won't need seasonal maintenance, either. That is, so long as sun glare doesn't melt it and ruin the property, requiring full replacement. With Turf Guard Window Film in San Francisco window glare melting the grass is a thing of the past. This specialized window covering sends light bouncing in countless directions, with only a bit of harmless light falling on your fake grass instead of a glut of sunshine concentrated into a hot beam.

Turf Guard Window Film is the least invasive and most effective way to stop window reflections melting turf grass in San Francisco so you can keep on enjoying your eco-friendly lawn and your eco-friendly windows in harmony.

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Protect Your Artificial Turf, Natural Grass and Vinyl Siding from Reflection Damage

Turf Guard Window Film is an Affordable Do-It-Yourself Window Film Solution