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How To Combat The Problem Of Melting Synthetic Turf and Artificial Grass Burning from Windows

There is no doubt that everyone whose desire is to own a lawn of fake grass or already has one dream of having a faultless lawn. So are you one of them? If your answer is yes, you could be wrong if you have no idea on how to combat the problem of melting synthetic turf. In the recent past, artificial lawns have become popular in many regions, but most homes experience challenges of melting synthetic turf.

Why does artificial turf melt?

Reports indicate that the advent of energy-efficient low-E glass has made turf melting to increase. The low –E glass uses a microscopic metallic oxide coating that allows light to enter into it. However, the solar and radiant heat is bounced to other substances away from the glass surface. The reflection from the window causes natural turf grass to die, to catch fire, and the heat may cause windows melting turf. 175-200 degrees Fahrenheit is mostly the melting point of most Synthetic turfs, and the heat reflected from Low-E glass windows can quickly get to these temperatures, thus damaging your garden of grass.

What is a Low-E Window?

We are going to look at the literal meaning of the term Low-E for a better understanding, though the name is not new to most of us. People use the term more often. When you go to homes and construction sites, you will hear contractors and homeowners when talking; they would mention the word. This term, therefore, is not new, especially when people are talking about replaceable windows. It is quite interesting to note that people often ask for a Low-E window without knowledge of what the term means. The word simply means low emissivity. This means that they are windows that emit low radiant heat. When the sun shines, the surfaces absorb, reflect, and transmit sunlight, but Low-E coating reduces the amount of heat emitted. When people talk about replacement windows or Low-E, the terms are used to mean this type of glass used to prevent massive heat emission. The Low-E glass is made from a thin metallic coating that is applied to the glass. To make sure that the metal that is used in the glass is consistent and even, the soft metallic coat is applied in a vacuum chamber. Note that a soft coat Low-E is the most efficient coat. The coat is made on the inside of the pane, and it can not be easily damaged. The inside coating not only does it reduce heat transfer, but also helps to stop UV radians while still allowing light to get into your house.

Exterior Window Film to Reduce Reflection


Are all the low-E Window's the same?

Not all the Low-E are the same, and you may experience different results depending on the type you are using. A good Low-E is designed in a manner that reflects the light to the source. So on a hot day, the glass will radiate the heat back to the sun, thus making your home comfortable to stay in without too much heat. In cold months it will reflect the heat coming from the furnace back to the source. This glass is designed in a way that gives your home a constant, comfortable temperature. Most people get confused when buying Low-E, or when they come across tinted glasses. Tinted glasses are not Low-E glasses. They are made using a design that blocks the light and not the heat. Therefore, you should be careful when you want to buy Low-E, and not to confuse them with tinted glasses. When you use tinted glasses in your house, they will appear to have several colors depending on the window's size and will not regulate the amount of heat in the room. Note that Low-E means the glass that you are using is good in reflecting heat, thus preventing your lawn from melting.Therefore, if you see mysterious turf melting in random spots, decoloring or curling on the ends, know that the culprit is the sun. The intensity of the heat with a little bit of support from the energy-efficient window can easily damage plastics like those found in turfs.


Reasons why Low E window reflection is damaging your Turf Artificial Grass 

As we mentioned earlier, low-E glass is a glass with a coating that is energy efficient and transparent, and that allows light to pass through, but also, the metallic layer reflects the heat. These windows are used in most homes because they are outstanding when it comes to cutting heat that is entering the house. But do you know that they pause an equal danger when they get lights from the sun? The windows can act as a giant magnifying glass. They are double-paned, and when the air inside and that outside create a difference in pressure, the glass can warp and bend, thus creating a concave effect in the glass. Like what we see in a magnifying glass, the concave effect, coupled with the impact of the reflective Low-E coating, can easily focus sunlight into a single hot spot. When the temperatures of these spots get too high, the obvious happens, they can destroy anything they touch. When this happens, the following are the effects: •Fake lass will begin to melt •Natural grass quickly catch fire •Melting of synthetic turf etc. Therefore, should you watch helplessly your artificial grass burning and your windows changing color, and finally suffer colossal damage? Of course, you should not watch helplessly! Some of the precautions as a homeowner or a contractor you should take to prevent artificial grass burning from windows is to view the area to install protectors. This should happen when the weather is hottest. You should make sure that you check windows locations and that sunlight is directed towards the intended space to stop melting turf.


What if there is a secondary glare causing the turf to melt?

When there is a secondary glare occurring in the planned space, you can use a thermometer to check the temperatures. If they are beyond 150 degrees F, you will have to take some precautionary measures like deciding the landscape to have a hardscaping in the planned area. You can have a window film installed to help reduce exterior reflection that helps to stop melting turf.

Anti Reflective Window Film


What do you expect if you ignore these precautionary measures?

If you are a homeowner and ignore the above-mentioned precautionary measures, you risk losing a lot of money. It is even worse for a contractor when people learn that you are responsible for the careless mistake in the turf damaged apartment. This will damage your artistry and the excellent reputation you have been having as a kind and competent contractor. Joe Wadkins, a top-rated global synthetic turf consultant, advises that it is always useful for homeowners and contractors to learn and do due diligence on the damage window glare that heat reflection can cause. So if you are seeing a large patch of turf that has melted or your natural grass getting scorched, know that this is a result of Low-E window. But we have recorded cases of homeowners saying that their natural grass got fire or recorded other forms of destruction, yet their homes have not installed Low-E glass. If you are such a person who has already recorded such signs and has not installed Low-E glass, know that it could be coming from the neighbor's Low-E glass.

Exterior Window Film to Reduce Reflection 


How to prevent artificial grass burning from windows

If you are a homeowner and find that your artificial grass is melting, there are various options. Depending on what you like to have, you can choose between the following: •Have awning window and window films •Plant tall trees •Use of artificial turfs made up of polypropylene and polyethylene


Window film and awning windows for turf

The two recommended tools for reducing glare are window film for turf and awning windows. You apply on top of existing windows, and they are also known to prevent reflection of the sun, thus preventing artificial grass burning from windows. Below, we delve into some of the many reasons that make window film preferable for artificial grass damage prevention. There are several reasons why many people prefer using window film for turf. First is the ease when installing it. You do not have to hire the services of a professional to fix it. You only need manufacturer's tools, and you will easily stick the screen over the window. So if you find it easy to follow instructions, you will find installing this screen to be your teacup.

Turf Protection Window Filmturf protection window film 

Secondly, many house owners who mind electricity bills prefer it. It uses a feature that allows the sunlight to get into your home; thus, you do not have to keep your lights on. But what about those who like their homes warm? This group, too, should not shy away from this material since it is cool. Also, when the sun shines in the film, the heat does not concentrate on a spot.

Turf Guard anti-reflective exterior window film diffuses the heat evenly so that various parts get an equal amount of temperature, relieving the pain of thinking on how to fix melted turf to protect your grass from further damage from the glare. From the above discussion, can we conclude that this is among the best products that you can have to protect your grass from glare.

We have found that it helps cut your electricity cost, easy to install, since you do not need a professional to help you connect, and you only need a manufacturer's instructions. Make sure when you go to buy the Turf Guard window film you get enough to cover the windows that are reflecting.

window reflection melting turf


How to make sure that you get the right amount of Turf Guard window film

When choosing the right window screen, make sure you observe the following: •

• Consider the size of your window

When you visit many lawns, it is no longer secret that many people are opting for artificial grass rather than natural grass. One of the reasons is that the costs to maintain it is relatively low, and it is not a hurdle compared to the natural grass. You do not have to mind watering, killing off weeds, or mowing. Though many people are opting for the artificial turf lawn, some challenges come with this type of surfacing.

We have seen cases where the gardens may require repair or even resurfacing because the artificial grass has melted. This usually happens when the temperatures of the grass go beyond that of polymer in the turf yard. Therefore, it leaves your lawn disintegrated, with burnt artificial grass.

When you find this in your lawn, know that many factors can cause the problem. Below are some of the primary substances that may make your artificial grass melt due to too much heat being directly applied to the turf from sunlight through reflections.

• Reflective panels This happens when lights from a surface area reflect off for a long time. For example, from doors, sheds, outbuildings, etc.

• Mirrors When sunlight reflects off a large surface area, it can cause the grass to melt. • Windows It happens when a large surface area reflects off sunlight for a sustained period.

• Polished gutters Dark polished gutters that absorb heat and reflect light can also make the grass to melt.

• Direct heat If there is a direct application of temperature on the surface, it can make the turf to melt.

• Fire If the fire is let in your artificial grass, whether through vandalism or a stray ember from a barbecue, it can make it melt.


How to fix melted turf

The best way to go is to prevent artificial grass from burning from windows. However, if the unfortunate may get your way, repair or resurfacing of the damaged areas can be done. Therefore, if you are a contractor or a homeowner, it is always best to assess the field and identify areas that may damage your grass and deal with it before the unfortunate happens. To help deal with the problem, you can install a screen outside the window or even apply non-reflective paints to panels and gutters that reflect the sunlight. If you find it impossible to install screens, you can have things such as pebbles, ponds, and soil areas with plants or even plant trees. Planting trees serve as an alternative, though it may not be as effective, for it may take you some time to give the desired results. When you eliminate the risks to the damage that can be caused, it will make you enjoy the beauty that comes with having a high- quality grass.

 window reflecting from apartment complex causing damage

How to fix melted turf spots on artificial grass

Well, we have looked at the benefits of taking care of your artificial lawn. And apart from having a beautiful scenery, it will also save you time for repair when it gets damaged. We also mentioned the reasons why your garden may get destroyed.

One of the reason that we have highlighted is the effect of high temperatures. Therefore, you should try at all costs not to expose your lawn to high temperatures, for this will result in windows melting turf. But what do you do if this has already happened? We will look at how you can repair damaged surfaces, fix soft spots on your lawn, and improve melted artificial grass.

There are two ways in which you can choose to fix the melted artificial lawn. Number one, you can remove the melted area and replace it with a new piece. But you should be aware that, when you cut the damaged turf and get another piece, the fake grass may have a different look from the newly installed part. But the difference may not take long, for it may become invisible within no time. Once you replace it with a new piece, it is good to maintain its beauty.

The only way you can maintain the beauty is by making the place wet by sprinkling water to lower the temperatures. But the effect may not take long, for it lasts for around five to twenty minutes, which means that you will have to do it for quite a number of times, thus, becoming time-consuming and costly. Therefore, this may not be a permanent solution, and if you need a permanent solution, you may choose a window film.

The Turf Guard window film is useful for it has anti-reflective properties. These properties help to block the sun rays, thus preventing turf from fading. Even better is that it cools down the lawn temperatures, thus minimizing the risk of melting the lawn by absorbing the heat. As we mentioned earlier, this is one of the best methods for you not needing a professional to help you fix it. You just install it into areas that you find being damaged or are risky.

window film for turf protection from window reflection

stop turf melting


How to Find Sources of Damage to Your Lawn

Once you suspect that damage to turfs has occurred, there are steps that you can follow to eliminate and even protect further damages from occurring. Step 1: make sure you have a better understanding of the areas around your home. If you are planning to install turfs in your house or are trying to source the damage, the first thing you should do is understand the exterior of your home. As you move around your home to source the area that may have damages, be asking yourself the following questions. a. Are your turfs secure, or are there windows that reflect sunlight to them? b. Are there other objects that can reflect heat in the area, such as shiny decors, mirrors, etc. Step 2. After you have identified the secondary reflection(b, above), take a thermometer and put it on the ground where the observations are directed and take note of the temperatures. Step 3: Repeat the same measurements at different times of the day, especially when the sun is hottest. When you find that the temperatures are going beyond 150 F at one point, know that this is an indicator, you need to put precautionary measures into place. You can also use a sample test to check whether reflective damage is possible. Here you just need to place a sample on the area of your concern and be checking for sometimes say a week or so. If you come and find there are signs of damage, know that your turf may get damaged.


Removing turf from glare spot

Though putting the window film all over the window is one of the recommended methods to prevent glare, some homeowners find the idea not appealing. Instead, they opt to remove turf from glare spots. So, if this task is not fixed in the right way, it may be far from appearing naturally. But we have means that we can use to make it look natural by designing glare spots to be covered by pavers or installing gravel. Even if you decide to use rocks, you can make sure that they are good looking.


Advantages of having artificial grass

There are a fair number of advantages that one gets from artificial grasses. Apart from beauty, quality manufacturing, impressive warrant, and environmental benefits have changed the perception that people had towards artificial grass. It is cost-effective and, compared to the natural grass is the best alternative. But before you go and buy it, there are a few areas that we are going to address that you are supposed to consider before buying it. Some of the benefits of installing artificial grass include reduced water usage, level of maintenance is low compared to the natural grass, reduces water bills, is weatherproof, and can sustain its beauty all year round. However, it has a few disadvantages. For those who love natural grass smell, they may not get it, there is reduced time for gardening for those who love the green thumb, and there is the initial cost. Below we have compiled a list of the benefits that may help you decide whether you would like to have the turf.

1. With artificial grass, the water bills will be low Every person will love having an extra shilling. This will only happen if you can meet your bills with no constrain. According to a research in the UK on water bills, it showed that in most cases, water bills cost you an average of $ 405 in a year, and in a month it will cost you $33.75. This will highly depend on the place where you are living. One way you can reduce this cost is by reducing the number of times you use the hosepipe to sprinkle water to your lawn. Therefore, when you are using artificial grass, you will only be required to do a deep clean twice a year. Indeed the cost can not compare when one has natural grass, and the other is having artificial grass.

2. saves water We all know that at times water becomes scarce. And if you have natural grass in your lawn and drought hits, the grass will go to a state of dormancy leading to patches. Therefore, to avoid such uncertainties, fake grass is the way to go, for it does not require much water.

3. Gardening maintenance is low When you are using fake grass, there is no seeding, weeding, fertilizing, and mowing. Especially when you are not available, and when you have a tight schedule, it may not be possible for you to take the ultimate care of your lawn. The natural lawn chores repeat itself, and no sooner you put the mower down than you get it back. But the artificial grass is known for its minimal maintenance and the perfect look all the year-round. What happens to those who are new to the fake grass? There is care for all the sections of people, those with experience, and even those who are new. There is a guide that explains how to take care of artificial grass easily, and the steps are simple: a. Getting rid of dirt b. Hosing it down c. Biannual use of synthetic grass cleaner Therefore, it cares even to those who are new with the product to make sure they can easily learn how to use it.

4. No harmful pesticides Harmful pesticides and herbicides are the most significant challenge when it comes to creating, maintaining, and restoring the green of natural grass. Some of these chemicals can also be a threat to both humans and wildlife. Though you can also find moss growing on the artificial grass, the plastic grass cleaner has a neutral PH balance, and it is 100% biodegradable, thus providing treatment for moss problems.

5. You will save money on garden equipment Maintaining natural grassland can be a little expensive, bearing in mind that you need tools such as a rake, lawn spade, hand weeder, and trimmer, grass shears, garden hose, and also sprinkler, etc. More cost is added because you may need electricity, water bills, re-seeding, blade replacements, etc. Fake grass may be much worth, for it may come with an initial pull; thus, it may be a bit lower when comparing it with the coast of maintaining the natural grass.

6. Artificial grass is protected This type of grass comes with a fantastic UV protection that makes it not fade from sunlight, this staying green around the year, and unlike the natural grass that will turn brown in extreme sunbeams. The chances of artificial grass burning from windows is eliminated.

7. Safeties for you and your children Artificial grass is child friendly, for it provides a cushioned-falls from children. It also contains fragments and rubbers that can conduct heat, making it fit for children. Disadvantages of artificial grass Since we have looked at the advantages of having the artificial grass, now, let us look at some of the setbacks of using this turf.

The reason why we take you to both ends is that we want you to stay informed. Some of the disadvantages of using fake grass include: Initial costing You will have to purchase the grass, for it does not grow naturally. The cost may differ, and it is good to do your research before delving into the buy and make an informed decision on your budget. You will be required to consider the cost of Weed membrane, fixing, adhesive, nails, etc. to avoid any surprises in a surge of the price. For those who are seeking professional quotes, it is good to make sure you get the best possible value for what you have invested.

But the cost can be reduced by getting a product that is DIY when it comes to installation. Install process For those who opt for DIY, there are some professional considerations that they should make before placing the artificial lawn. First is to ensure that there is no blockage, which can cause water to stagnate and result in an odor smell. At times the groundwork is a bit daunting. If you do not have confidence, it is best to look for professional services.

Removing natural habitat for wildlife In everything that people do, it is good to take care of our environment. With this in mind, when you are replacing the fake grass, you need to plant flowers around your lawn to ensure you do not destroy insects' habitat. Even if there are no flowers planted, the soil solves the issue, for it is still home for worms and other animals.

Finally, the mystery of melting the artificial grass is solved. It is not easy for you to stop the sun from shining. But this does not mean that nothing can reduce the glare from damaging your lawn, no, a simple window screen can help you prevent it from damage. By following the above guidelines of how to combat the problem of melting synthetic turf, you will enjoy your synthetic turf without worries of it getting damaged.

Even better, we have looked at how to fix and replace a damaged part without replacing the entire damaged yard. But if you want to replace the whole lawn, it is possible, depending on the depth of your pocket.

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