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Is Window Glare Melting Turf Grass? Turf Protection Window Film

How Can Window Reflections Melt Artificial Grass In Cincinnati?

Cincinnati, OH sees its share of warm days in the summer but most residents associate their hometown more with cool to chilly weather than the heat. So how can sun shine in a rather mild climate get so hot that it reaches the melting point of artificial turf grass and ruins your property? With a little help from energy efficient low-e windows, that's how. If you have energy efficient windows in your home in Cincinnati window glare melting the grass is a very real possibility, because when sunlight reflects off low-e windows, it does so in a concentrated, hot beam.

Stop Window Reflection with Turf Guard Anti Reflective Window Film

Stop Window Glare Damaging Grass In Cincinnati Homes

You can't fix artificial grass melted by the sun, it has to be ripped out and replaced. But you can stop window glare from melting your grass by getting Turf Guard Window Film applied to the windows of your Cincinnati residence. Turf Guard Window Film is a perforated urethane sheet that is applied to the exterior of windows and does not reduce how effectively they block UV light and solar heat, but will send that rejected light scattering instead of letting it concentrate in beams that can melt fake grass.

Turf Protection Film Stop Turf Melting

Turf Guard Window Film Protects Vinyl Siding

You will find vinyl siding on many homes in Cincinnati, and like fake grass vinyl siding is subject to melting caused by window glare. The same anti-glare window film that protects your artificial grass in Cincinnati stops window reflections from melting vinyl siding on your property as well as on your neighbor's home.

Exterior Window Film to Reduce Reflection from Melting Vinyl Siding

Protect Your Artificial Turf, Natural Grass and Vinyl Siding from Reflection Damage

Turf Guard Window Film is an Affordable Do-It-Yourself Window Film Solution