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Are My Neighbor's Windows Melting my Vinyl Siding?

Vinyl siding is a great building material that looks great when used in concert with wood, brick, stucco, and more. Chances are good that your home and many in your neighborhood use vinyl siding as the finishing exterior surface of your residence, and if so, it’s likely that you rarely worry about this hardy, reliable material. That is, you don’t worry about your vinyl siding until it is damaged and melted and looks awful. So what causes melted vinyl siding? Quite likely the culprit is energy efficient windows your neighbors installed in their property nearby. But not to worry: while yes, a neighbor’s windows can melt vinyl siding through sunlight reflections, the good news is that Turf Guard Window Film stops the melting, so talk to your neighbor about having this protective material applied on their property.


How to stop window glare melting siding

With Turf Guard Window Film applied to the windows of your property or installed on the energy efficient windows of your thoughtful neighbor, your melted vinyl siding issues will be resolved. This anti-glare window film sends light bouncing in countless directions instead of forming the damaging beam of heated solar energy that can melt vinyl siding and ruin the façade of a home or business. Turf Guard Window Fil won’t reduce the visible light that comes into the property, and it won’t reduce how effectively these windows reject ultraviolet (damaging) light or infrared (hot) light.


Can window reflections melt artificial turf grass?

Window glare can melt turf grass when the hot beams of light reflected off low-e windows slowly beams across the lawn, leaving unsightly strips of ruined turf that necessitate costly removal and replacement. And whereas the vinyl siding at risk from low-e window meltingis likely on your neighbor’s home, it’s your own artificial grass at risk of melting from sunlight reflections. Thus you should consider Turf Guard Window Film for your energy efficient windows and protect your home.