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How to Stop Vinyl Siding Melting At Your Home

If your home features vinyl siding then the property might be at risk of melted vinyl siding damage, which can be caused when sunshine bounces off high reflective energy efficient windows and causes the siding to buckle and melt. To stop sun reflections melting vinyl siding you can apply Turf Guard Window Film and send reflected sunshine bouncing in countless directions instead of forming a concentrated beam of heated solar energy. And better yet, not only will Turf Guard Window Film prevent melted vinyl siding on your house, it will stop your energy efficient windows from melting the siding of a neighbor’s house, keeping the peace in the neighborhood.

How Reflected Sun Melts Vinyl Siding

Sunlight reflected off energy efficient low emissivity windows can form into a dangerous, damaging hot beam – the good news is that you can break up this beam with Turf Guard Window Film, while the bad news is that melted vinyl siding has to be replaced, it can’t be restored. Low-e windows melt vinyl siding in two ways: first, their highly reflective coating bounces away much more sunlight than regular glass windows. Second, this highly reflective coating is compounded by the lens-like concave shape these double-paned windows often take on. The light is channeled into beams that, if they fall upon vinyl siding, can create serious property damage.

How to Fix Melted Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding melted by solar reflections cannot be repaired, it must be removed and replaced. And if your home’s siding is on the older side, that might not only be expensive, but it might be easier said than done: matching vinyl siding is critical to maintain a pleasant looking exterior to your home, so if you can’t find a match for older damaged vinyl siding, you might need to replace a whole wall or even the entire exterior of the property. Preventing melted vinyl siding with Turf Guard Window Film is a far more cost effective approach.