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3 Proven Tactics to Stop the Sun Reflection From Burning the Grass

You may have heard reports about the sun reflection burning the grass. This phenomenon is not a rare case anymore as more and more residents are switching to energy-efficient windows. These particular windows use an exceptional glass that reflects the heat away from your home. That way, homeowners will no longer need to turn up either the air-conditioner when it is hot or the heater when it is cold.

However, these windows affect the condition of your lawn. Once the sunlight reaches the Low-E coating, it magnifies the light beam and concentrates it on your turf. As a result, burnt patches on the grass surface occur.

Fortunately, you can stop this damage. Here are three tips to follow when the reflection from the window is burning the grass.

  1. Change the Landscape of Your Garden.

One way to stop the sun reflection from burning the grass is by renovating your yard. You may put some stones on the burnt spots to hide the imperfections of your lawn. You may also grow trees near the affected area to cover the burnt patches. Moreover, planting trees in your yard will reduce the temperature outside your home.

If you do not have a green thumb, you may just install a fountain in your yard. With this solution, passersby, as well as visitors, will focus on your beautiful human-made fountain and not on the burnt turf.

However, you need to hire a professional landscaper, which is a bit costly. Nonetheless, they know how to deal with this condition.

  1. Put Some Shadings on Your Property.

Another way to stop the window glare from burning the grass is by installing some shadings in your yard. You can use an awning or a canopy. These tools do not only block the sun’s energy from hitting the field. They also prevent the UV and IR rays from reaching the glass window.

However, these solutions could dim the house interior. Therefore, if you want to stop the sun reflection from burning the grass yet you do not want to compromise the home’s brightness, then this may not be the best option.

  1. Apply Window Film for Artificial Grass.

Though its primary purpose is to protect your plastic turf from melting, you can use it to prevent window reflection from burning the grass. The screen breaks the path of reflective heat and diffuses the temperature.

However, you will only end the glass reflection from burning the grass if you choose Turf Guard Window Film. Learn how it halts the sun reflection from burning the grass by visiting our website.

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