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Can You Stop Window Reflection From Killing Your Grass?

You can find grass in the mountains and sports arenas. Aside from these places, you can also have it in your home. Natural grass adds beauty to your property because of its lush green color. However, it needs proper care and maintenance, or else it could die.

Several factors are killing the natural lawn. One reason is the sun. Though it is vital for plants, the sun could destroy the turf due to too much exposure. Lastly, window reflection is also killing the grass.

How Does Window Reflection Burn Grass?

Nowadays, window manufacturers use Low-E coating to their products to help homeowners save energy. The thin, metallic layer reflect heat away from the house to stabilize the room temperature. However, the reflected heat has nowhere to go. Hence, the glazing directs it onto your lawn, causing the natural grass to die.

How to Stop Window Reflection?

There are several ways to stop window reflection from killing the grass in your garden. One of the things that you can do is to water the field two to three times a day. When the weather is hot, you need to keep the area hydrated. That way, the grass blades can live, regardless of the temperature.

However, this solution could consume too much water. Thus, you should be ready for the upcoming bill if you choose this method.

Another way to stop window glare from burning the grass is by covering the field. You can use a canopy to block the sunlight from hitting the lawn’s surface. However, this solution is not ideal all the time. You need to consider the size of the field if you opt for this technique.

Nonetheless, the best way to stop window reflection from killing the grass is by applying window film for artificial grass. However, you should not use just any window tinting product. It should be Turf Guard Window Film.

This product is ideal for preventing the sun reflecting off your windows from killing the grass. The film used by these items deflects off the light and distributes heat throughout the lawn. That way, your natural turf will not die.

However, this product is not just for your lawn. You can also use it to prevent your vinyl siding from melting. Lastly, it lets you save energy consumption. The bug screen-like feature welcomes the invisible light to your home. This reduces the need for lighting. Indeed, it is one of the best products on the market.

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